Monday, May 3, 2010

In which winter haunts me, I try to be a less lame blogger content wise, and my foot is in a brace dealio

Well, now that you're up to date on the epic war between me and the Homework Troll, I'll give you some regular life updates. Such as the fact that winter came back, and I broke my foot.

What you say? I broke my foot?

Yes, it is true. During the wonderful Spring weather, that is now gone, I started going for runs. Well, on one such run, I was going down the street, and my foot just started hurting like heck. And it didn't stop. Okay, it was better when I was just messing around at home than when I was running, but you know what I mean. Anyway, after a few days, I finally got myself a doctor's appointment. And yeah, I gave my self a lovely stress fracture, and probably tendinitis, which is all sorts of fun. So I've got to wear an obnoxious sandal/boot thing for 4-5 weeks. Which really sucks. It's obnoxious I tell you. OBNOXIOUS!!!

And, the warm weather left again. I have an inch or so of snow out side. Botheration.

But! To make up for the fact that I went a little MIA (nothing I could about it, but still) and that my life currently involves either an obnoxious boot thing or the Homework Troll, I shall upload some pictures I managed to take of a crafty project I did before the siege.

I took an old journal I had. It was cute, but really not my style, so it had sat in my closet for a very long time. Finally I decided to get it out and bust out the fabric and glue.


Tada!! I now keep it in my purse and use it for all my random writing inspiration needs. And also random phone numbers that I have no where else to write down :P

After: Opened up

After: Closed
Yeah... So that's it really. See ya later people!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A siege by a particularly nasty Troll, or a look into my sleep deprived brain, you decide

*pokes head over the side of a castle tower*
Hello down there! What am I doing in a tower you might ask?
*growl from near by woods*
Ahhh yes, that would be the Homework Troll. He's quite a nasty fellow. Growls and moans all day long. He's also why I'm up in a tower. You see, after my challenge/warning I gave last week, he decided he wouldn't be out done. So I'm stuck here, under siege, in an old castle. He even stole the shipment of grenades I was expecting. Now isn't that rude?
Oh bother, I am getting quite tired of shouting down to you. Come on in. What? Oh no, don't worry. The troll lets others come and go as they please. Heck, he even escorts some of them across the draw bridge. No, his quarrel is with me.
*draw bridge is lowered and door open enough for you to pass through*
*a servant escorts to a drawing room with a very large fire place*
Oh hello! I'm sorry about all this, but the troll will not let me come out under any circumstances. Not until his demands are met. And unfortunately, there are a lot of them. Oh bother, I seem to be getting ahead of myself. Here, sit down next to the fire, and I shall tell you the tale of my week....
When I last talked to you, things were going well. The small trenches and sand bags I put up against the Troll seemed to hold up, and the machine guns worked quite nicely. But no! My sister came home from collage right then. And while I was distracted with greeting her, and goofing off for a bit, the Troll sent his ninjas around the back of my camp, while the Troll made a frontal assault. Surrounded on all sides, I had no choice but to retreat to the distant castle. He surrounded the castle, and told me that I would have as much food as I wanted, as many visitors as would come, and I wouldn't even have to clean the castle. But under no circumstances would I be allowed to leave to my computer until I met his demands. And the list is long. And that's where you found me, over a week later.
Sure, the list is shorter than it was, and I even had my sister here all week to keep me company, but I was still separated from my computer, and all the blog things I do.
Now my sister has left, sadly. But! It is not all bad! Using her genius, as a final act of awesomeness, she snuck a computer to me here under siege! I won't tell you the details, for they are highly confidential, but needless to say, I have access to the interwebz again. The siege still goes, and I work on the list of demands, but hopefully I will now also have the time to blog.
Ah, you best be going now. It's getting late, and the Troll may let you back across the bridge, but the journey through the forest won't be so easy. Farewell! And I hope to see you soon.
*types furiously on an English paper*

Yeah.... so my week may not have been quite that exciting, but you get the idea :P
I'm back! And hopefully I won't be gone that long again!
Tomorrow's forecast, content!