Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fail Phase officially OVER!

So, I thought that the past twoish weeks would be crazy, but man, I didn't see that much crazy coming. I've been away from home so much, with so much to get done, it's been madness. But things seem to finally be calming down. Which means, hey, I might actually post. Wahoo!

I've been sewing again, and writing, and I seem to finally gotten over my creative/life fail phase. So this post shall be a few of my recently finished projects.

First off I finished the mushroom. The mushroom. The gignormous mario mushroom that I've been working on for over a year now (cause man, it takes a long time to gather that much stuffing). And yes, in case you were wondering, I did do a happy dance when I finally sewed the last little part. 

Yay pictures!

The Mushroom being awesome
And here's the Mushroom next to my sewing binder, for size reference.
Chillin' with the binder
Um, yeah, I tried to get a good picture to show you how big this thing is, but it didn't work too well. Serious, you could kill someone with this thing by throwing it at them. There's no way to capture that in a photo.
Trying to show you the mass of this thing
And then I had to take a picture of the whole gang together
From left to right: Mario star, Death mushroom, The Mushroom of Awesomeness, and the extra life heart
And, just because it's awesome
Wahoo! I love getting the star in mario

Yeah, so that's my most recent project. 

Next up is the tie dye shirt I made. This thing is annoying. It's still leaking die in the wash! Gah! It's already ruined/booted-to-the-sewing-pile two shirts! But I still love it. It's so comfy.

Heh, it's hard to get a picture of your stomach

I also had a giant tie dye shirt laying around that I made a million years ago. Since I made a new one, I thought this one needed to become a rockin' skirt.

Front view
 It was pretty simple. I just cut below the armpits of the shirt to make a long tube, and made a waste band to fit me, and sewed them together.
Side view
The tube was bigger than the waste band, so I made ruffles in the back.
Ruffle detail
It's pretty much the most comfortable skirt I own, and matches with most anything. Win.

Well, that's all the projects for right now. Hope you like 'em ^_^


I think this here blog needs some actual content, instead of my just rambling about how busy my life is, so I'm going to be re-thinking what the heck I'm trying to accomplish here. (and don't worry, for those of you who've said you like the random, it will be random. Just something worth while too.)

I will get back to you on that, but until then, enjoy this virtual cupcake. 

And also this space cupcake, cause I found it on google, and thought it was funny.