Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The floor is not my friend

Yeah, you guessed it. I fell asleep again last night. Though in all honesty, it was not on the floor this time. I had good reasons though!
First, it was not a good day for the most part. I messed up an audition for a dance performance, had a really bad hair day, all that jazz. Bah.
Second, dance practice was exhausting. We did the jive for an hour straight, which is a very fast dance. Then we practiced the Samba, which isn't too slow either. Then waltz. You would think that would be good right? A slow one? No. Apparently in our new routine, the girls have to do the splits, which I can't do. Not even close.
Third, I didn't get home until 12:30ish
After school things got a tad better. The whole family went to my cousins house for an epic bonfire. And it was (seriously, it was HUGENORMOUS!)
but they live far away, so I didn't get home till really late, and I smelled like smoke, so I took a shower.

Anyway, enough about yesterday, and me falling asleep.

There are epic things in store today. First, some random funny thoughts, and second some good ol' Crafty-time Tuesday! Then I'm sure some more rambling :P

Todays been pretty boring as far as stuff happening goes. I did homework. Yeah...
BUT! Apparently my funny blogging muse is back from vacation, cause all these hilarious little thoughts keep coming to me. Haha, here are the ones I remember :P

In the pantry we have one of those 72 oz bags of chocolate chips we use for baking. It was almost completely empty, so I just took the bag and ate the small hand full out of it. But I still became very self conscious about my weight when I threw it out. I knew I only had a small amount, but the giant bag made me feel like I ate it all. Out of curiosity, I looked in the cupboard, and found that most of the treat bags were almost gone, but we never threw them out. Curse you family size....

For the next one I'll just tell you what I wrote on my post it note. 'Note to self: Don't answer the phone with 'ello' in a British accent until you know who it is.'
I did that, and it was funny, cause it totally threw the other person off. I could barely keep from laughing till I was off the phone.

Also, I think it should be outlawed to have freshly baked cookies in the house when I'm trying to loose some weight here. I didn't count how many I had >_<
Why does junk food taste so good? I wonder if it's just psychological. Would cauliflower taste good if it was bad for you?

Bother, that's what I get for not writing these down.

*cough* ahem

I've been getting some good writing done lately. Well not technically writing, but whatever. I've been filling out character sheets and coming up with back stories. It's been fascinating. For once in my writing history, I've been more interested in the main male character. The back story that's emerging for him is awesome.
When I'm done with this short story, I'll probably write a lot more about him. Which is weird because I've never exactly finished a novel with a girl main character, and now I want to one with a guy.
Not that I'm biased or something, but writing from the perspective of the opposite gender is hard.

AHHHHHH!!!! ok, so this post was going to be much cooler and longer, but we have another demon post on our hands (and I'd link back to the post where I first explain what I'm talking about, but that would probably make it explode.)
It'll have to suffice to say that the thing has a mind of it's own, and is randomly deleting stuff, and putting in random html code. So if some of the wording in here sounds odd, the transitions from topic to topic are off, or I just sound out of my mind (ok, not that last one. That's totally unrelated) it's because I've had to retype any giving section of this friggin' thing 3 times at least.

So, Crafty-time Tuesday will have a Wednesday edition, and I'll do everything else I was planning on tomorrow as well.
that is if I remember (Post-its! my Hero!)

*runs from demon post before it stabs me*

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter dinner, TWICE!

Today was a wonderful lazy Sunday. Well, mostly. I did have to get up purty early, but that already seems ages ago, so I won't go into it.

Most of my siblings, and their Significant Others, and some with their kids came up to visit. (Which comes to 15 people now. Yikes! and that's not even counting my sister and family out east o_O)

We had an Easter dinner. Yeah, I know that Easter is next week, but we wanted to have a semi peaceful celebration this week, versus next week with all the cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents etc. which will be absolute mayhem. Fun, but still mayhem.

As we all talked and laughed (and had wonderful conversations about Doctor Who. Ok fine, maybe that was just me and Shiny...) I sat back and looked at all the great people I've got in my family. Sure, we have squabbles just like the next family (for example, little bro sat on my busted toe. Screamed at him. He got mad >_<), but they're all still great people. So, shout out to awesome family! Whoo!

It was when I watched my nieces and nephew especially that I got to thinking about my future. Where will I be in ten years? Will I have a family? Not that I'm super worried about this, or what have you, just something fun to think about occasionally.

Somewhat along this line, I decided to write a letter to myself in a year. I did this once upon a time, but I was too little to write anything more than what I had for lunch that day, and about the fight my sister and I got in. I think it will be cool to see how I change in a year. (no, I'm not doing a full ten, or even five year one. I can't even imagine myself that far ahead o_O)

*nods* so yeah. Today was a good day for relaxing, and thinking about things. Some deep, some silly. Sorry for the somewhat randomness for today, but I am full of cake, and ham, and other wonderful things, which impedes my ability to make sense. Who needs sense anyway? And I'm sleepy :) Yay rambles!!!

Oh, a sort of PS on the end here. This was a sort of somber post (uh, not really somber, just not funny :P) so I shall post the most hilarious thing ever. Ok fine, maybe not the funniest thing ever, but you get what I mean. The lovely Spot inspired me with a comment the other day.

My sister found this little shorty story/essay thing on the interwebs a long time ago, and I have no idea who wrote it. So, I hereby claim NO CREDIT what so ever for this awesome creation. I'm just spreading the awesomeness.

This is called Steve The Sheep, a story any writer will identify with :P

Ah, a blank page in a fresh notebook, truly the greatest of things to a writer. As you look at a blank page, with its perfectly straight blue lines, its three cylindrical holes and crisp white paper; your mind is filled with thousands of ideas, each one wanting to smear itself all over that vast blank page. You try and decide which idea gets to grace the page with its presence, but as your poised pen prepares to touch down onto the literary canvas...silence. It seems as though those thousands of ideas swimming in your head have clogged the narrow exit, leaving your page un-satisfactorily blank. You clench your fists in a fit of frustration, promptly exploding your pen over the page and yourself.
Now you find yourself with an ink stained paper ball, which you find incredibly amusing. You play with it a while, tossing it in the air, rolling it along your desk and attempting un-successfully to shoot it into the waste paper basket. This amusement will not last long however, as you are drawn to the siren song of your new blank page. You are enthralled by it;its lines bluer, straighter, its holes mathematically perfect and its paper white than untouched snow.
You fetch a new pen, stronger than the last. You begin again, choosing the first topic that comes to your brain, most likely based on what you ate for lunch. You write and write and write, works flying out of you, one after another after another, not necessarily making sentences, but words at least. This is about the time your mind begins to wander, lost in a literary daze, and you discover that you have doodled a small sheep in the top corner of your page, and the sheep has a little smiley face, and he's all fluffy and white and he's with his little sheepy friends and he's eating some grass and he's got the cutest little lady bug on his nose and...you are faced with your second and third paper balls, the third of course from the full page version of Steve the Sheep you drew after crumpling up the first one.
The pages are flying now, one after the other, idea after idea rejected by your ever tiring brain. Your collection of paper balls has lost all of its humorous nostalgia. Frantically you try and get and idea straight in you confused mind. This is when you realize that you've been talking to yourself out loud for the past half hour, and decide it's time for a glass of pop to revitalize your weary mind. Seven glasses and twelve paper balls later, you have finally discovered an idea so brilliant, so original, so marvelous, that you cannot express your joy. You jump, you dance, and you cheer...then realize that all the people in the library are staring. So you compose yourself, and sit back in your cubical, slightly red faced, and touch your pen to the page, ready to begin your masterpiece. You smile to yourself, proud of the story that will soon decorate the wast emptiness of your page. You breath in, and realize...you can't remember what you were going to write about.
Jittery, angry, sleep deprived and hovering on that narrow wire between sanity and the blank paper, the loud yelling begins. You begin to use your mountain of paper balls as projectiles, fending off the ever increasing group of police called on your behalf. You are now in the situation every writer faces at one point in his or her life: barricaded in a library using an ink encrusted cubical as a shield, holding some poor, frightened librarian by the hair, a paper ball pressed to her temple as a the cops attempt to talk you down from your hysteria, while you scream "BALLS!" at the top of you lungs.
Just as your brain is about to implode, you are suddenly pulled from the precipice of insanity by an epiphany. That tiny cracked light bulb inside your head shines with brilliant, thought enriched light. As you are being tackled to the ground by a large officer named Bubba and bound into a straight jacket, you realize what should have been obvious all along...this would make a great story.
Isn't that just the awesomest thing?
Ahem, anyway.
*waves* well, that's it for tonight!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I think I'm a bad blogger

Well, maybe not a bad blogger, but there are some things I could definitely improve on. So, my list of blogger bad habits that I'm going to do away with.
  • When I'm reading the amazing blogs I follow, I usually have some thoughts on any given post. But, for some weird reason, I never actually say anything! I just close the window, and that's that. WHY?! Why do I do this? Seriously, that's lame, and not to mention not being a very good blogger friend.
  • Falling asleep on the floor before I write my post for the day. *cough* yes, this has happened enough times to be called a bad habit
  • I usually just wing my posts, having maybe a general idea of what I'm going to talk about before hand. This sometimes works, and sometimes not. Yeah, some of my past posts really don't have a point to them. Like, at all.
  • Related to this, sort of, I'm not going to be doing pointless posts, just because of the blog challenge I have going down with my sisters.
  • I promise to blog about stuff, and then never do. For example, how long have I been promising a writing exercise? It's honestly embarrassing.
The first step to fixing a problem is knowing it's there right? I'm going to do my best to
A) Comment! I just need to voice what I'm thinking
B) I'm going to make an effort (cause there will be some days where it just won't get done) to post earlier in the day, so that it gets done, with the added bonus of I'll be more coherent. You'll notice that it's only like 9:30 today. Ohh, shocking!
C) I tried doing a very basic outline of what I was going to say, and it helped me keep my thoughts organized tremendously, and it took a lot less time than it usually would have to get my post ready
D) I'm not going to just say "Hey, I'm posting cause I'm in a challenge"
I'm going to come up with something worth talking about every time I post, and the competitive nature in me will make this almost everyday.
E) I'm going to stop promising things over and over again. I'll blog about a writing exercise when I have something to show for it. No more empty promises.

Yay! With my BFS and resolutions back on track, and now my blogger bad habits dealt with, things should be looking up!

So, waddiya say blogger people of awesome, friends?

PS-Has anyone else noticed that Blogger has a new awesome template builder? Cause I sure have, and I'm tempted to change my template. Again.
Well, I just got this one... Maybe I'll wait a while.

Why can't I make up my mind?

PPS-Also, you'll notice that I finally figured out how to do links. *cough* yeah, so this is way old school for some of you, but I'm jazzed.
Carry on.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Apparently the cure for blogger's block is to tell everyone you have it, cause I seem to be cured! Eureka, I am a genius! So what if I discovered this by accident....


while I was feeling all bleh, and bored, and blogger blocked, I randomly found this awesome little note pad. The front has all these different languages on it, and it's just cool. I took it and wrote down all my plans for my BFS list, and my resolutions, and life plans. It was so great to finally get all of it into one spot, instead of floating around in my head and random bits of paper.
This also prompted my second Eureka moment. I seemed (yes, past tense) to have a problem with fitting all my hobbies in. I'd end up doing a lot of one thing, and neglecting the other things. So I came up with a system, and divided them into 7, so I could have one a day for the week. That way I can be sure to get them all (baring the fact that I don't always have free time one some days)
and it's worked so far! I'm super happy about this!

Also, this weeks Blog Challenge of Epicnessishness is a very complicated one, involving drawing and I quote, 'standing at the edge of a cliff looking down
like the world suddenly has no gravity and we're standing on the ceiling'
or some such randomness. It shall take a long time, and in the mean time we will carry on with our challenges, but just not this week.

And, I magically found a picture of a Crafty thing to show you this coming Crafty-time Tuesday!

Bother, and now I'm tired. I had stuff to say!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been to terribly consistant about posting every day, and my posts have been ramble-y and boring. After a few days of lacking anything interesting to say, I've come to a conclusion.

Oh bother, I have blogger's block.

And I don't know why! My life hasn't changed all that much (I've switched from burritos for lunch to mostly toast, cause we're out of tortillas. Yeah, I know, earth shattering). Yet, I can't seem to come up with stuff worth talking about. GAH!!!! It's driving me nuts!!!!! So please, pretty please bear with me here, till I get my mojo back.

*cringe* yeah, I actually came up with something for today, though I don't know if you're gunna like it.

For my evil English class, I got an assignment to write some poetry. *twitch*
If there is one thing I cannot wrap my brain around, It's poetry.
So, hopefully to avoid a bad grade, could you possibly, pretty please with a cherry on top tell me if this sucks or not?

I am the glowing light of dawn
sparkling on the dew of the morning.
I am the bright beams falling through the leafy boughs
warming the children laughing below.
I am the dazzling red of the sunset
as if the sky were engulfed in brilliant fire.
I am the summer sun.

Uh, so if that didn't kill you, I'm impressed with myself.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

The floor is a good place to sleep somedays

This is the part where we skip over the fact that instead of posting yesterday, I fell asleep on the floor :P
Yeah, I fell asleep reading. 'Twas quite amusing.
Anyway. So today has been quite busy, and I am very tired now. I had my dance class, which has a work out today. I swear that in the new choreography the girl spins around no less than 12 times. I got dizzy :P
And I also went to a dance (with instruction) this evening. That was funny, because for lack of gentlemen, I learned the guys part to the dance. And did it better than most of them :D
Tomorrow I have quite an early morning. Ugh. My lovely mother signed me up for CERT training (Community Emergency Response Team, or something like that) And it will take over 12 hours. Blah.
At least I get to play with fire, right? And use a fire extinguisher, which I've always wanted to do. Which also means that I am going to go to bed, so I don't pass out tomorrow (I've tried one of these class things before [one that you sat down for] on little sleep, and it doesn't go over so well.)

So, I swear, sometime I shall actually post something worth reading >_<

tata for now!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

You're always after mi lucky charms!!!

Today I practiced 'getting my crazy pants on' again. :D

One of my mom's friends organized a group of peoples to do ice skating today (which was loads of fun)
And I wore my insanely bright green shirt, my slouchy green hat (yeah, I blogged about it, and yeah, I'm to lazy to post the link), and my insanely awesome green socks (see other explanation). I can safely say that I was the most leprechaun-y person I've seen all day. Yay for the day of Irishness!

Also, I kicked something with my busted toe again today. Ouch.

Wow, I'm deteriorating into rambles fast, even for me. Uh, no, more like I started out with rambles. Blah.

This is the week of fighting to get my life back under control, which makes for rather boring blog posts unfortunately. I swear I haven't done anything creative this week, which is rather painful. I must apologize to you awesome people reading this, but I have a reason for da boring ones too.

Cause knowing me, if I stop just for this week, then I'll be that much more likely to get out of the habit of posting everyday, which is not a good idea. I'm so happy I finally got the hang of this posting regularly thing, I don't want to loose it.

Also, I was totally going to do a green themed post, but my brain is currently fried, so la to that. Wow, this is the earliest I've gone to bed in ages! Woo!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A too-long ramble about nothing

This week has been good. Sure I've been suffocating under all the homework, but that was my fault anyway (which makes it all the more painful)
And sure my toe is broken and I, just like I knew I would, kicked something with it today.
But! My dear friends! I am making good progress on my new evil plans, however little, it is still good. And I gave a rather evil challenge to my sister's this week *cackle* (and no, I'm not going to tell you just yet. It would ruin the surprise!). And tomorrow is St. Patty's, and I have bright green, striped, thigh high socks to wear. Oh yes, you're all jealous. AND I have a link hat. Feel the burn.

Well, this is shaping up to be all sorts of entertaining! Today, just about nothing happened. Well, nothing NEW. I'm getting through the homeworks, trying to squeeze in some evil plotting, doing crunches so it hurts my stupid stomach when I laugh, and I'm happy. Plus it's warm out, which makes everything better. But nothing earth shattering shall we say.

hmmm, maybe I should delete all this and make it one of those inspirational ones that aren't directly related to experiences.

What do you think?

Oh wait, that's not really going to work. I guess I'm on my own in this decision. Grrr. Apparently my blog muse is on vacation today. I really wish she'd tell me her schedule some days. *grumble*

Well, my brain is refusing to even focus anymore, none the less come up with something to say, so I think I shall retire to my evil lair and dream up dastardly wonderful plots. *waves* See you when I have something to say!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An odd ramble about evil plans, and a watchamer

For the first order of business, I'd like to explain why I did not post yesterday.
So, at approx. 12:00 I set out on my usual blog stuff (meaning answering comments and then posting) My computer was running slowly, but nothing too bad. I still had time to post, and everything looked cheery.
Then, BAM, my computer or internet or both or something went ka-put and it took somewhere around 30 seconds to select one email, and hit delete.
At that point I cried uncle to the evil whatever-it-was and went to bed.

For the second order of business, I'd like to apologize to everyone who has been waiting for me to reply to comments. I love when you guys comment, and I love replying, and I usually keep up, but this week has been....ishy. So here I am, all caught up as far as I know. Thanks for bearing with me.

And for the third order of business, the actual post! Woo!

So, one day I was playing with my blog settings, like one does when one is procrastinating, and I found that the loverly little html code was having some issues, and not doing what I wanted it to. Naturally, I googled it, and tried various tutorials until I got the gadget to do what it was supposed to do.
It was then I had realized I had spent two hours tutorial hunting and gadget fixing, simply because I didn't know what I was doing. But I enjoyed it once I figured it out! (I bet you all know what's coming next. Ok, actually probably not. Well, you might)
I found a new hobby! I've decided to finally look into html coding watchamer. Woo! (and yes watchamer is a technical term. See? My coding career, with all it's exactness-by-a-single-letter-or-it-gets-messed-up is getting off to a great start)

But, more important than my getting another hobby, is that it got be thinking about my other hobbies, which got me thinking about my BFS list I started a while ago, and I was thinking of how I should revamp that, and maybe do some resolutions....

A trip through my random mind later (and yes I totally went through a debate with myself over ice cream before arriving at this conclusion) I decided to get excited over life again! You see, I depend on the weather for my mood to much. In the winter I mostly drudge along, managing to not die from the homework, and blog. But today (actually two days ago now. I think this post has a conspiracy against it) I decided to just say 'well la to that *sticks tongue out*'
So, I've gotten a plan to get on top of my homeworks here, I'm going to revamp my BFS list, and my plans for it (after I get a breather from the homework :P) and I've finally started working out. You know, sit ups, crunches, push ups, that sort of thing. And with the weather getting warmer I'll be able to start pounding pavement soon.

So over all, life is good over here. Except the sore part, but such is life I suppose :P

I'll prolly talk more about my newly refurbished evil plans some more, but for now, I think that's good (also, I think I've used the () a bit much today, wouldn't you agree?)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hit two birds with one stone

Um, first off I must confess that I'm more of a 'chuck half a million stones until you hit one stupid bird' sort of person. My aim is that bad.

*cough* moving on to what I actually meant by the title.

In my English class, I was assigned to write a personal narrative of whatever event in my life I liked. Guess what I chose. Ballroom competition! So I get to copy and paste that here! Woo! I love when your work pays off twice. I'll also be posting an edited version of it under the 'Writing' tab, seeing as I just started it today, and it's not fine-tuned yet.

***The music started and my partner and I swept into our dance routine, smiling to the hundreds of people watching. We moved around the dance floor, weaving in and out of the other couples, the girls in their elegant dresses and the boys with the couple numbers pinned to their shirts. We moved through the steps like clock work, until the music faded out. We turned to the audience and bowed and curtsied. I felt like flying I was so happy.
Of course the rest of my day had not been so perfect. Late in the afternoon, I started getting ready for the ballroom dance competition. I wove my hair into a low bun and applied my makeup. I was sprayed thoroughly with hair spray three times, so my hair crunched when I touched it. I ran to my mom's bathroom to get some jewelry, and on the way I kicked the door frame as hard as I possibly could. Yelping, I grabbed my foot and tried to ignore the searing pain. Hopping around, I hoped I hadn't done anything serious to it. Dancing with a broken foot would be like entering an arm-wrestling competition with a paralyzed bicep. The pain ebbed to a dull ache, however, and I continued gathering what I needed.
My mom and I rushed out the door, and soon we were racing along the route to the building the competition was held in. Half way there, we ran into some traffic from construction. Our progress slowed to a crawl, and I resisted the urge to bang my head against the window. I wouldn't have to be nervous about competing if I never got the chance. Finally we broke through and continued our race against time. We lost.
We arrived at the designated meeting spot for my team ten minutes late, and no one was there. They had already moved. My mom wasn't allowed back stage, so I purchased my ticket, and entered the fray of contestants heading to their events and dressing rooms. The competition itself was a huge event. It ran for three days, and had a ton of events. It was held in a huge events center, and the backstage halls and rooms were a chaotic mess. I ran up and down the halls, checking in dressing rooms as a I went. I searched hallway after hallway, a wave of panic rising in my mind. Then, finally, as the elevator doors opened to yet another hallway, I ran into someone sent to look for me. We both let out a huge sigh of relief and rushed to join the rest of our team. Several sets of stairs later, we were quite out of breath, but we were there. One of the other girls shoved a new dress at me, telling me that we had new costumes. I only had a few minutes before I had to be ready. I snatched the dress and dashed down the concrete steps. I sprinted through the halls until I found a dressing room. I waited for an empty stall, hoping that I would make it in time. A door opened and I scrambled into my costume. I shoved my things into my duffel bag, and raced back to my team. A fellow dancer sprayed my hair once again, and I was sure that I could be in a hurricane without my hair coming out. I dumped everything on the floor and ran through my quickstep routine with my partner a few times before we went to wait for our curtain call.
Our team name was called out, and we filed out onto the floor. I smiled and relaxed. I was here, and all I had to do was dance my routine. We took our seats on the sidelines, and waited for our couple numbers to be called out. Waltz, samba, tango, and cha-cha all went by, and my team mates all took their turns for their dances. Next it was quickstep. Our couple number was called out, and my partner helped me to my feet. We took our place on the floor. And the music started. It was all like a dream as we spun around the floor. The music faded, and I took my curtsy. All the stress of the day was completely worth that moment.***

so ya. That was my performance/competition. It. was. amazing. My team got 4th, which is a far cry from the tenth out of ten we got last time. Also something that didn't get mentioned is that I learned that I can run in 3 inch heels without dying. Yeah, me, the one who managed to reallllllly hurt, possibly break, her pinky toe earlier that day. Haha, the world is full of contradictions :P

Comments and Critiques are more than welcome. In fact, I'll give you a virtual cookie if you do ^_^

Um, another note. This week has been a tad hairy. So I haven't been commenting much, and tomorrow will probably be more of the same, but Sunday I shall hopefully, maybe get back into the blogosphere.

Friday, March 12, 2010

A PSA of sorts

I think I'm too indecisive or something, because yeah, I changed my template again. Ok, so it's not only the fact that I was bored of my old look.
With the new creation of separate pages in Blogger, I suddenly had ideas of what to do with them
But, with my old template it looked really lame. Also, I couldn't find a color that wasn't butt ugly, and allowed you to see all the links at one time. So I went hunting for a new one.
This part comes as a total surprise. I couldn't settle for a simple one that would work. Oh no, I had to go out and find one with shmancy links across the top, a funny quote, and a wider text space. Of course this new one is a bit more web-designer/html-ish than your usual. I've had some rudimentary training in html, and I usually manage if I know what I'm looking for. And tutorials are really helpful too (and this new template comes with those ^_^)
But, unfortunatly I don't really know how to fix some of the problems. So I'm hoping to get some help from my html-ninja sister, but regardless of how I fix these bumps I've encountered, you're going to have to live with bright yellow font, the fact that there isn't actually anything on my beautiful new pages, etc.
Thank you for your patience.

Also, I will be posting something about my ballroom dealio later. I just thought I'd update you on the situation over here.

In which I manage to stress out over the part I thought would be easy

You see, tonight at my ballroom competition, I thought that it was inevitable that I was going to freak out a bit at the number of people there. In truth, I wasn't nervous. At. all. period. Which I find really cool, cause that was a lot o' people.
The part I uber stressed about was the before hand getting ready. I believe I was totally justified in this, but that is a story for tomorrow, seeing as I am about to literally collapse.

See ya tomorrow!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Universe is a fickle thing

So, it turns out that The Universe decided to be nice to me today, and I did make it to my practice ^_^
and I will be in the competition tomorrow. Which shall be interesting, seeing as I shall be performing in front of approx. 1500 people. WOO! this shall be quite fun.

speaking of my practice, beforehand I stopped to get some ballroom shoes. Which was fun for two reasons.
1) they were $130, which hurts to cough up. My parents did fund this, but still, that kind of cash for some shoes is just painful
2) I got to dance in brand new shoes for two hours. If any of you are dancers, you'll know this is not the funest thing in the world. For those of you who aren't dancers, dance shoes (well, any shoes really) take time to break in. My feet kill. Not to mention the loverly little cut I got from them.
3) (yeah I know, I didn't mention a third reason) they are 3 in. heels. Yeah. I am not short. My dance partner is the same height as me in shoes, but still, it is odd being so high off the ground :P

Um, yeah. Tomorrow shall be great fun, and I'll be sure to tell you about it, but now I think my head is going to explode if I don't get to sleep. right. now.

PS-is it just my computer being lame, or does the flower not show up in the background of my blog any more?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yeah, stress is not my friend. YOU HEAR THAT STRESS? GO AWAY!!!!

To quote my gmail chat status message,

"This week could either be A) really fun or B) really poopy. Cross your fingers everyone!"

You see, I happen to have a ballroom competition this Thursday.
the problem is tomorrow I have a rehearsal/practice tomorrow, and the place it's at is reallllly far away. The real kicker is that we just got hit with the biggest snow storm we've had all year. If it's a blizzard out, I can't get to the practice. And, If I can't get to the practice, I can't figure out what I'm supposed to wear, where to buy tickets, heck, where this thing is even.
Also, due to an entry form issue, I may or may not even get to dance! This cannot be resolved unless I make it to that practice, and things aren't looking good for it now. The worst part is, is that I can't do anything but pray for a break in the weather. I hate idly worrying. I wish I could do something! Anything!
gar! This would be my first competition, and I really, really don't want it to get messed up.

Ahem. Rant/dump of stress over. thank you all for your time :)

I promise, sometime this century I will actually post some, oh I don't know, book reviews, writing exercises, and all the other stuff I've been promising for a friggin' long time now.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A bit of catching up

Today will be a catching up of sorts, I believe. For instance, I have received the most epic blog award ever, been tagged, and I have the weekly Blog Challenges of Epicnessishness to do today.

So, first, the awesome award.
I got this beaut from Notquiteawake over at http://realityfaker.blogspot.com
She is so funny, I love her posts. Her snarky sense of humor is just to die for. She almost always has something funny in her posts, and when she doesn't, she has a good reason, and the posts are meaningful (versus always ranting about the lamest things. you won't find that there)

so yeah, the award rule dealio game is to list 6 things that I'm a master of, and then pass this one to 6 people who are masters of friendship.

1. Craziness. Seriously, you'll never find someone hyper-er than me. Don't ask what happens on New Years Eve, when I'm up even later than my usual. I'd have to kill you if you knew.

2. Watching Doctor Who. I bet you'll never find someone who stayed up as late as I did watching it. Ever. and if you some how managed to, that person should be shot, because at that point it'd just be madness+insanity+pie=woah.

3. Eating tacos/burritos. man, those things are good.

4. Sticking my foot in my mouth. I am always tripping over my words.

5. Falling over/general clumsiness. I tripped over my own feet, fell down the stairs, ran into the wall, and broke my nose. Need I say more?

6. Fudging my way through stuff. Seriously. A) that prom dress never should have worked B) I totally slept through a class, and got the highest score on the test afterwards. How?!?!

ok, so 6 people who are masters at friendship......

1. Spot--> http://whatpassesforsaneonacrazyday.blogspot.com/
She is always leaving comments on my insane ramblings. I love getting commenst from everyone, but I always love her's because she always finds something sweet and supportive to say. or funny. funny's good to :P

2. Rebekah--> http://my-life-is-ninja.blogspot.com/
She is my twin from another mother, I swear. We know each other so well, we can have entire conversations by blinking and twitching our eyebrows.

3. Shiny--> http://twistingline.blogspot.com/
She is the best advice giver ever. She keeps the balance of 'i iz srious' and 'HOLY CRAP!! IT'S A SQUIRREL!!!!' advice perfectly.

4. Miss--> http://homebakedweb.objectivecompany.com/
She is a voice of sanity (only when it counts mind you. she can just as hyper as the rest of us nuts) and sweetness when I need it. She balances out my habit of making a desision based on what sounds more like a Star Wars book, and my habit of wanting to punch people's faces in when they do something that's even the slightest bit annoying.

5. Creative A--> http://headdeskforwriters.blogspot.com/
She is the sweatest most sincere person ever. And an amazing writer to boot. Her blog is very professional. Not in a boring way, just that 'ooo, it's shiny' way (yeah, like that made sense :P)

6. and I'm totally cheating here, but
Notquiteawake--> http://realityfaker.blogspot.com/
sorry for breaking the rules, but I just want to give this back, because she rocks like that. And she's a master at friendship, and totally deserves this. (and no I'm not making you do it over again. Just want you to know that I love your friendship ^_^)


So, Rebekah, who was mentioned earlier, tagged me in a game of blog tag.

Um, so I guess I'm supposed to say 7 random things about myself, and then pass it on

1. Uh, I don't like milk. Yeah, weird I know.
Seriously, not even with cookies.

2. I'm still trying to convince people that plaid is a color, so it can be my favorite.

3. I prefer my cookies un-baked. Mmmmmm, salmonella.....

4. I can quote one of Brian Regan's cds from start to finish, 24 tracks.

5. I'm wearing a bumble skirt right now, that I will hopefully get a picture of sometime in the future for here.

6. I'm not a wimpy person. Like, I can take a lot of stuff. But I'm absofriggin'lutely terrified of spiders.

7. I like my hot chocolate warm.

and that leaves the tagging! *cackle* I think I shall be evil and tag everyone that I gave the award to :P



This week, I'll start with the Miss.

Her challenge is to write about your favorite book.

Upon hearing this I immediately started panicking, because there was no way i was going to be able to pick just one, or even just 20. So, in true vader-randomness, I picked the first one that came to mind.

The Enchanted Chocolate Pot, by Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer.

oh man, how I love this book! First, the writing style is unique in the way that it shows the lives of the two main characters. You see, Cecy, is at home, while her cousin Kate is in London, and the book is their letters back and forth. It is masterfully done in this style, and is a joy to read.
It is set in 1800s England, but with the twist that magic exists.
It has such humor in it! Oh it made me laugh. It is truly a great book.

so yeah, that is ONE of many of my favorites.

Shiny's challenge was simply the word Alaska.

So, uh.... Alaska eh? hmmmm.
Oh I know! I could tell you my plans for stowing aboard her luggage and... oh wait, the government might be reading this.

hmmm. Oh I know!

so my sister is going to Alaska for the summer, to earn some extra dough. And in the summer in Alaska, the sun never sets, which would be a dream come true to me. Can you imagine it being light out all the time? having the glorious sun out? If it's one thing I love, it's sunshine.

And then my brain randomly catapulted to traveling.... ok, I guess I'll roll with this.

So, when I get to be an old fogey (meaning collage age) I want to go backpacking through the world. and...... woah, I'm not even going to say what my brain just catapulted to, it's that random. (seriously? where'd the Japanese part come from?)

uh yeah, I think I'm going to call it a night. My brain won't even pay attention anymore. I guess I'll do Shiny's challenge tomorrow....

Monday, March 8, 2010

Musings for a Sunday night

Today has been relatively boring, as far as funny stories go. Uh, actually, as far as anything goes.

But, today I have been thinking about stuff I'm grateful for, like sleep.

I'm grateful to have a loving family. Srsly, they rock. Especially my sisters (no offense parents and brothers :P) we all get along now, even though our ages span a purty big gap. And most of my favorite memories have been with these guys (and yes Rebekah, this is you to :D)

I'm grateful for the internet and computers. Because my friends are in it ^_^
also, because I've learned this week that writing fiction by hand isn't the most pleasant thing I've ever done.

I'm grateful for Chocolate. 'Nuff said.

I'm grateful that I have March break for all of next week (March break you ask? yeah, we get a spring break to. I have no idea where March break came from)

I'm grateful for Sunday afternoons. Because only on a Sunday can you get away with an impromptu 3 1/2 hour nap. Yeah, today I got 7 hours of sleep, which is a very decent amount of sleep. But I was still so tired this afternoon, I had to crash. And crash I did. Seriously, the only reason I woke up when I did was my mom woke me up to eat dinner (it being like 8:30.) I would have just kept on sleeping. AND I DON'T EVEN TAKE NAPS! Like, ever! it was weird.

I'm grateful for sunshine. It lifts me up so much, plus it's warm, which I am a sucker for.

I am grateful that my sister is moving to Alaska for the summer. Sure I'm going to miss her like *insert overly used comparison*. Sure I'm going to be bored with out her some times. BUT this gives me a bigger chance to be awesome all by myself. Because whether I like it or not, we're both growing up. And she's going to get married (O_o)
At first when I thought about summer (yeah, I know it's still March. What's your point? I can dream!), I thought it was going to be rather dull, but then I realized that it's not really dull, just less busy. Right now, I sometimes feel as if I'm being pulled this way and that, going to one thing after another. Finishing up that stupid English paper etc. In the summer, I won't have that.
Currently, my plans consist of pounding pavement, and actually getting some abs. Do you know where to buy those? I looked at Wal-mart, but they don't carry them. *cough* joking aside, I recently went with my friend to her track meet, for lack of anything else to do, and I discovered just out of shape I am >_<
And I'll be getting some good writing time in. I'm looking forward to this a lot, because I'm having a hard time getting large chunks of time to devote to it. It's a little bit here, and a little bit there.
I'll also be crafting, which shall be great fun. But other wise, I'm free, which is the best way to bring out creativity.

and I'm grateful for blogging. I've connected with some awesome people in the blogosphere! I love it because it gives an opportunity to become friends with people without distance as a restriction.

And now my friends, I shall spend the next hour browsing the internet, because those who get that much sleep in the after noon, don't get tired till late :P

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Get your crazy pants on!

Today was an interesting day. I'll skip some of the stories of mini golf, go carts (which I dominated in by the way) because I'm tired. They were fun and all, but the coolest part earns priority.

After I got home from my adventures, I was pretty worn out. So I changed into these Neon (yes, it's capitalized) blue sweat pants. Because they are the most comfortable pants I own. I washed my face, and put on my facial maskish stuff (which happens to be an orangey color)
I was soooo not going out any more today.


It being 9:30, I thought I was safe. But no. My family hadn't eaten yet. So we all went out to eat. With me in my ensemble. oh yes, it rocked.

But the best part was when we went to the grocery store afterwards. Because we walked right through a group of uber 'cool' preppy teens. The looks on their faces, as they could barely stop from gaping, was pure hilarity.

As I walked by, with them staring in disbelief, I came to the realization of how little other's opinions matter. Don't get me wrong, I like complements as much as the next person, but they should be treated as bonus points (did I really just compare life to a video game?) If I'm not cool with me, than 7 bajillion other people loving me wouldn't make a dang difference in my happiness.

But this isn't quite the point I was getting at. I am quite pleased with who I am. Yeah, I've still got flaws that drive me up the wall, but over all, it's good.

The point I'm getting to is that even if you're happy with yourself, but you hide it around other people, you're going to be pretty unhappy. That will just earn you friends that aren't like the real you. Though it may be scary, let your true colors show!

It's like a business. If your front window says, 'hair styling', but when you get in, it's a watch shop, that's not going to work out too well.

While we may be few, and hard to find, there are other weird people out there! and by weird, I mean non-conformists. Think of how much more pleasant life would be if all of us weirdos broad casted this. We could find each other, and become friends. We'd find people who are like minded, and not have to deal with the teasing in the same way.

So don't hide! You are interesting, and have something to give the world. You can't do that by wearing all the cool clothes, and acting how society thinks is normal. Variety is the spice of life! Give something different!

Let your true colors show! Wave your banner around! And get your crazy pants on!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

In which I should stop tempting fate

So, you know how I joked that as soon as I said I'd post every day, I'd get a carp load of homework?


That's right, I brought it upon myself.

But that's ok! I think I can get caught up over the weekend here, and be back on track on Monday.

but that means my posts shall be lacking in any actually content :P because I know you all just love to hear the rambles of my sleepy and insane brain all the time.

Also, I figured out that the weather has a direct effect on my level of energy/inspiration. Today we had the first bit of real sunshine in a while, and I could practically float I was so happy and itching to do productive stuff. Yesterday, how ever, when it dumped a blizzard on our heads, I could barely make myself do any homework, non the less extra stuff.

So, I hereby demand sunshine! lots of it! and warmth!

..... either that or I'll move to Texas, where it's nice and toasty warm ^_^

Friday, March 5, 2010

The early bird may get the worm, but the night owl gets the sleep

Because I am a slacker face, I am only now just getting to Miss's weekly challenge. Yeah, I know, shame on me.

But anyway! Here I am, doing it now!

Her challenge was to make plans for achieving one of the items on our bucket list. The one I think I shall do is "Play my guitar in a park, and get money in a hat. And not just a few coins :D"

So, my plan for this is to collect a few songs that I really like, and practice them like mad. I may or may not do this with my sister, seeing as we both have this goal.
One of the songs I have picked is a guitar version of 'Linus and Lucy', usually referred to as the Charlie Brown song.
And I need to practice my chords a lot more, because I feel rather handy capped in that area.

To put this in more immediate goals, every Sunday instead of all my internet vegging, I shall practice the guitar for a decent chunk of time. Hopefully, I'll eventually make it to that park!

And that is all for now. My parents have been getting us up earlier than usual, because the early bird gets the worm, or some such logic. What this means for my night-owl self? I'm just tired all the time *grumpy face* I don't think they ever mentioned that the bird was grouchy and tired.... or the fact that worms are gross, and I don't actually want one.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A post a day keeps the doctor away

(and the title is totally NOT in reference to Doctor Who, for all you nerds who might have been freaking out right there. It just sounded catching ok!?)

hmmm, so just a quick post tonight, for reasons mostly beyond my control.

you see, I usually plan an hour for blogging stuff (and no, I hardly ever take up that much time. but it is good to plan extra, don't you think?)

well, as I logged into blogger, I couldn't help but notice the fact that I had well over 20 posts waiting for me to read them.

Uh, I guess today was Blogging day or some thing. Any way, this left little time for me to actually post myself.

Then, on one of my last posts to read, I discovered one that I felt deserved a well thought out comment.

So, today shall just be a tiny announcement.

Shiny and Miss! I hereby challenge you to a blog duel!

ahem.... what is a blog duel you ask? well, we have decided to do a marathon, to see who can keep their streak of a post-a-day. And with the weekly challenge (yeah, I still haven't done one of those), things could get interesting fast.

so yeah, that is my post. The funny story (and picture!) shall come tomorrow, and possibly *gasp* some actually interesting thoughts.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blah, and the battle of Hip hop Vs. Ballet

(lol, that sounds like a the title of a humorous short story or something. anyway....)

Today has been one of those blah days (for the most part. I did have some amazing nerdy/geeky/which ever one is the good one conversations today that were quite enjoyable ^_^)

I got up, I had school.
I had more school.
Piano lessons, that are actually really annoying. Don't get me wrong, I love to play the piano, but my teacher is the type to make you play every kind of scale know to man kind, and never let you do fun songs.
and more homework.
Procrastinated doing laundry to the point of it's too late to do it now, which means I'll be scrounging for something to wear tomorrow. Again.

hmmpf. I think I need a day each week to do laundry, because this wait-until-the-last-possible-second-to-do-it is getting old. Seriously. Who even thought of clothes getting dirty? Why can't we just wear them forever with out them getting dirty? That would save so much time, energy, procrastination, and sanity.

*grumble* my brain seems to be void of any interesting thoughts... Um.....

Oh, a bit of news! So, I am in a ballroom class. And there is a contest open to design a t-shirt for all the dance classes/teams/what have yous, which I am totally going to enter.
My problem is that it's supposed to represent all the classes, which includes hip hop and ballet. Which just makes my head hurt. How, may I ask you, am I supposed to do that? Whenever I start thinking of designs, those two just start fighting in my head. It's like,

Hip hop: Dude, we should totally have a skate boarder silhouette

Ballet: Whatever! What we really need is a rose, and maybe some ivy.

Hip hop: What are you on?! Flowers? Since when did that ever remotely fall into the category of 'I'm a cool break dancing person'?

yeah, it gets ugly fast, usually ending with Hip hop throwing a chair at Ballet, Ballet doing a fancy turn while dodging to annoy Hip hop, and me getting a head ache. And then me wondering if I should get counseling, because I have types of dances arguing with each other in my head >_<

How would you get these two to agree on something? because if I'm not careful, they're going to wreck my lovely sanity. (oh wait..... I had any?)

so yeah, that's today. Because I'm tired. And a bit brain dead. Stupid homeworks.......

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A look inside my mind.

*pokes head in door way* hi guys. so I'm kinda afraid to say this, because I know a friggin' huge load of homework will fall in my lap once I do.

But hey! I've never been one to turn down a challenge.

uh, yeah. So this is the part where I actually say it. *cricket cricket*

Ugh, fine!

I'm going to post every day *wince*

yeah, tempting fate here.

anyway, I'm tired of me always trying to stick to an every other day schedule, that doesn't really work. Because I put it off (not that I don't like blogging!) but I say I'm going to do it tomorrow when I have more time. And I never do. So you get neglected.

So yeah. there's my announcement.

ok, fine I'll give you guys a funny story too.

So, today, I kinda forgot to eat. (yeah, I know it's bad) (also I swear I'm not anorexic, I really just forget)

so, after school got out, I went to the vending machine and got some fritos (because fritos are the best chips ever)

But, while I was getting them out, I slipped and let the swingy door thing slam shut on them, and frito powder was created.

All was normal until I talked to my sister about said powder. Apparently fritos can actually take quite a beating before they powderize.

Which then of course led me to think about my vending machine, and it's awesome strength. Which made me remember the time I let the door go while my arm was in it, and I got an epic bruise, and my hand kinda tingled for a few minutes afterward.

So, the question is, is this all a coincidence? or is there a conspiracy against junk food in school? Because it isn't normal for a vending machine to maim people.

My sister and I totally debated whether or not I was just talentedly (w00t! new word) clumsy, or if I truly did have a mutant vending machine.

and some where around the discussion of the time I managed to break my nose on a wall, I realized, I have totally just spent like ten minutes debating about my school vending machine.

So yes people, this is what take place in my brain daily. Be afraid, be very afraid....

*cough* ok, so tomorrow I'll probably be thinking a bit clearer, and we might even get into some real content (shock! I know)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Prom dress, of epicness (and yes I just rhymed. you're jealous of my mad poetry skilz)

*sigh of relief* well, that week was certainly crazy. I won't get into the details of my stupid homework, but I will tell you the other part.

Which was the fact that I sewed a prom dress in two days.

Yes, you heard (read?) right, two days.

You see, previously mentioned stupid homework took up the week until Thursday night. So, I sat down with my fabric choices (we shall get to those later), and got started.

Then, the next day I had off from school (insert hallelujah chorus here), so I spent literally the entire day sewing. The next morning, I finished up, with my mother hemming the bottom (because she insists that formals must be hemmed by hand, and she is so much faster at hand stitching than me)

It. was. madness. I haven't sewn for that long, all at one time before (though Halloween was close).

The best part was the fabric I was working with. Hmm, instead of trying to explain this, let's get some pictures first, shall we? (what? You ask how I dot pictures with my camera broken? Yes, I did somehow manage to strangle these pictures out of it for you guys :D)
(yeah, nothing fun today. Sorry! I'm tired!)

so the bottom part was this awesomely shiny, shimmery midnight blue fabric that I got for no real reason at the fabric store. Unfortunately, I only had 2 yards, which was very hard to get a ball gown out of.

Next, the top part was a scrap piece from one of my mom's old projects. It was about 11 inches tall, and 2 feet wide, and I manage to squeeze a top out of it. It was intense, let me tell you. I was crossing my fingers that I'd have enough the entire time.

So yeah, I designed, and sewed (my inner grammar nazi is twitching. I don't know how to make this correct!) a prom dress in two days.

Wow, ok now we get to why the heck I did this in the first place. So there are these people who put on a stag formal every year, and my friends and I were planning on going. But, I didn't have a dress to wear to this thing, because though our family has had several weddings and proms and what not, my sisters are tall, skinny twigs, which meant I couldn't fit into their dresses without wearing 4 inch heels and a word taken out because it was setting of content watchers (yeah I know, lamesauce). So of course I made my own. And of course I didn't plan enough time to go to the fabric store for more materials. And of course my homework exploded in my face until two days before. I think I'm insane.....

The dance itself was pretty epic. I danced almost all the dances (yes! This was a dance were people actually danced! non of this hanging out business), and I asked for most of them, which is shocking if you could see me around strangers. We totally learned a Pride and Prejudice dance, which I find fantastic in all sorts of ways ^_^

And I totally tripped over a chair into a photo shoot thing, which was pretty much funneh. And a friend and I almost won the twist competition (we so should have! :P)

All in all, it was most fun. and that is what I did this week. Phew! it's over!