Saturday, March 20, 2010

The floor is a good place to sleep somedays

This is the part where we skip over the fact that instead of posting yesterday, I fell asleep on the floor :P
Yeah, I fell asleep reading. 'Twas quite amusing.
Anyway. So today has been quite busy, and I am very tired now. I had my dance class, which has a work out today. I swear that in the new choreography the girl spins around no less than 12 times. I got dizzy :P
And I also went to a dance (with instruction) this evening. That was funny, because for lack of gentlemen, I learned the guys part to the dance. And did it better than most of them :D
Tomorrow I have quite an early morning. Ugh. My lovely mother signed me up for CERT training (Community Emergency Response Team, or something like that) And it will take over 12 hours. Blah.
At least I get to play with fire, right? And use a fire extinguisher, which I've always wanted to do. Which also means that I am going to go to bed, so I don't pass out tomorrow (I've tried one of these class things before [one that you sat down for] on little sleep, and it doesn't go over so well.)

So, I swear, sometime I shall actually post something worth reading >_<

tata for now!


  1. Ahaha. Sounds like it must have been a good book!


  2. *nod* The floor is a good place to sleep somedays.

    I know all too well.


  3. Mandy-Ahh yes, The Lord of the Rings, book one. I'm a bit behind the times here, but I'm finally getting around to reading it :P

    Shiny-Lol, like that one time....under the tent, with Doctor Who? Good times good times. Though I believe I did eventually retreat to the couch. You need bunk beds or something :P