Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blah, and the battle of Hip hop Vs. Ballet

(lol, that sounds like a the title of a humorous short story or something. anyway....)

Today has been one of those blah days (for the most part. I did have some amazing nerdy/geeky/which ever one is the good one conversations today that were quite enjoyable ^_^)

I got up, I had school.
I had more school.
Piano lessons, that are actually really annoying. Don't get me wrong, I love to play the piano, but my teacher is the type to make you play every kind of scale know to man kind, and never let you do fun songs.
and more homework.
Procrastinated doing laundry to the point of it's too late to do it now, which means I'll be scrounging for something to wear tomorrow. Again.

hmmpf. I think I need a day each week to do laundry, because this wait-until-the-last-possible-second-to-do-it is getting old. Seriously. Who even thought of clothes getting dirty? Why can't we just wear them forever with out them getting dirty? That would save so much time, energy, procrastination, and sanity.

*grumble* my brain seems to be void of any interesting thoughts... Um.....

Oh, a bit of news! So, I am in a ballroom class. And there is a contest open to design a t-shirt for all the dance classes/teams/what have yous, which I am totally going to enter.
My problem is that it's supposed to represent all the classes, which includes hip hop and ballet. Which just makes my head hurt. How, may I ask you, am I supposed to do that? Whenever I start thinking of designs, those two just start fighting in my head. It's like,

Hip hop: Dude, we should totally have a skate boarder silhouette

Ballet: Whatever! What we really need is a rose, and maybe some ivy.

Hip hop: What are you on?! Flowers? Since when did that ever remotely fall into the category of 'I'm a cool break dancing person'?

yeah, it gets ugly fast, usually ending with Hip hop throwing a chair at Ballet, Ballet doing a fancy turn while dodging to annoy Hip hop, and me getting a head ache. And then me wondering if I should get counseling, because I have types of dances arguing with each other in my head >_<

How would you get these two to agree on something? because if I'm not careful, they're going to wreck my lovely sanity. (oh wait..... I had any?)

so yeah, that's today. Because I'm tired. And a bit brain dead. Stupid homeworks.......

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  1. That is pretty much an epic battle there.

    Stupid laundry. I agree. I do a little everyday or I'd get behind.