Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter dinner, TWICE!

Today was a wonderful lazy Sunday. Well, mostly. I did have to get up purty early, but that already seems ages ago, so I won't go into it.

Most of my siblings, and their Significant Others, and some with their kids came up to visit. (Which comes to 15 people now. Yikes! and that's not even counting my sister and family out east o_O)

We had an Easter dinner. Yeah, I know that Easter is next week, but we wanted to have a semi peaceful celebration this week, versus next week with all the cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents etc. which will be absolute mayhem. Fun, but still mayhem.

As we all talked and laughed (and had wonderful conversations about Doctor Who. Ok fine, maybe that was just me and Shiny...) I sat back and looked at all the great people I've got in my family. Sure, we have squabbles just like the next family (for example, little bro sat on my busted toe. Screamed at him. He got mad >_<), but they're all still great people. So, shout out to awesome family! Whoo!

It was when I watched my nieces and nephew especially that I got to thinking about my future. Where will I be in ten years? Will I have a family? Not that I'm super worried about this, or what have you, just something fun to think about occasionally.

Somewhat along this line, I decided to write a letter to myself in a year. I did this once upon a time, but I was too little to write anything more than what I had for lunch that day, and about the fight my sister and I got in. I think it will be cool to see how I change in a year. (no, I'm not doing a full ten, or even five year one. I can't even imagine myself that far ahead o_O)

*nods* so yeah. Today was a good day for relaxing, and thinking about things. Some deep, some silly. Sorry for the somewhat randomness for today, but I am full of cake, and ham, and other wonderful things, which impedes my ability to make sense. Who needs sense anyway? And I'm sleepy :) Yay rambles!!!

Oh, a sort of PS on the end here. This was a sort of somber post (uh, not really somber, just not funny :P) so I shall post the most hilarious thing ever. Ok fine, maybe not the funniest thing ever, but you get what I mean. The lovely Spot inspired me with a comment the other day.

My sister found this little shorty story/essay thing on the interwebs a long time ago, and I have no idea who wrote it. So, I hereby claim NO CREDIT what so ever for this awesome creation. I'm just spreading the awesomeness.

This is called Steve The Sheep, a story any writer will identify with :P

Ah, a blank page in a fresh notebook, truly the greatest of things to a writer. As you look at a blank page, with its perfectly straight blue lines, its three cylindrical holes and crisp white paper; your mind is filled with thousands of ideas, each one wanting to smear itself all over that vast blank page. You try and decide which idea gets to grace the page with its presence, but as your poised pen prepares to touch down onto the literary canvas...silence. It seems as though those thousands of ideas swimming in your head have clogged the narrow exit, leaving your page un-satisfactorily blank. You clench your fists in a fit of frustration, promptly exploding your pen over the page and yourself.
Now you find yourself with an ink stained paper ball, which you find incredibly amusing. You play with it a while, tossing it in the air, rolling it along your desk and attempting un-successfully to shoot it into the waste paper basket. This amusement will not last long however, as you are drawn to the siren song of your new blank page. You are enthralled by it;its lines bluer, straighter, its holes mathematically perfect and its paper white than untouched snow.
You fetch a new pen, stronger than the last. You begin again, choosing the first topic that comes to your brain, most likely based on what you ate for lunch. You write and write and write, works flying out of you, one after another after another, not necessarily making sentences, but words at least. This is about the time your mind begins to wander, lost in a literary daze, and you discover that you have doodled a small sheep in the top corner of your page, and the sheep has a little smiley face, and he's all fluffy and white and he's with his little sheepy friends and he's eating some grass and he's got the cutest little lady bug on his nose are faced with your second and third paper balls, the third of course from the full page version of Steve the Sheep you drew after crumpling up the first one.
The pages are flying now, one after the other, idea after idea rejected by your ever tiring brain. Your collection of paper balls has lost all of its humorous nostalgia. Frantically you try and get and idea straight in you confused mind. This is when you realize that you've been talking to yourself out loud for the past half hour, and decide it's time for a glass of pop to revitalize your weary mind. Seven glasses and twelve paper balls later, you have finally discovered an idea so brilliant, so original, so marvelous, that you cannot express your joy. You jump, you dance, and you cheer...then realize that all the people in the library are staring. So you compose yourself, and sit back in your cubical, slightly red faced, and touch your pen to the page, ready to begin your masterpiece. You smile to yourself, proud of the story that will soon decorate the wast emptiness of your page. You breath in, and can't remember what you were going to write about.
Jittery, angry, sleep deprived and hovering on that narrow wire between sanity and the blank paper, the loud yelling begins. You begin to use your mountain of paper balls as projectiles, fending off the ever increasing group of police called on your behalf. You are now in the situation every writer faces at one point in his or her life: barricaded in a library using an ink encrusted cubical as a shield, holding some poor, frightened librarian by the hair, a paper ball pressed to her temple as a the cops attempt to talk you down from your hysteria, while you scream "BALLS!" at the top of you lungs.
Just as your brain is about to implode, you are suddenly pulled from the precipice of insanity by an epiphany. That tiny cracked light bulb inside your head shines with brilliant, thought enriched light. As you are being tackled to the ground by a large officer named Bubba and bound into a straight jacket, you realize what should have been obvious all along...this would make a great story.
Isn't that just the awesomest thing?
Ahem, anyway.
*waves* well, that's it for tonight!


  1. Woo hoo! I inspired someone to something other than insanity!

    Thanks for sharing this little story. Too cute.

    Lucky you...two easter dinners! Yum!


  2. You know I have to wonder if the person who made that saying would get mad at us for using it SO often...

  3. But of course, now you are in a straight jacket and can't write it down. Figures....that was awesomely funny by the way.
    Just found your blog by way of Spot. See Spot point...good Spot.

  4. Spot-Lol. Insanity's fun too though :D

    Rebekah-Wait what? what saying? *confused*

    mepsipax-haha, too true. You know, it's always in places where I can't write something down where I get the best ideas. Like the shower. Or in the middle of the night and you share a room so you can't turn on the light :P or in a straight jacket :D
    haha, I love Spot. Especially when cool people find me from her blog ^_^