Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A too-long ramble about nothing

This week has been good. Sure I've been suffocating under all the homework, but that was my fault anyway (which makes it all the more painful)
And sure my toe is broken and I, just like I knew I would, kicked something with it today.
But! My dear friends! I am making good progress on my new evil plans, however little, it is still good. And I gave a rather evil challenge to my sister's this week *cackle* (and no, I'm not going to tell you just yet. It would ruin the surprise!). And tomorrow is St. Patty's, and I have bright green, striped, thigh high socks to wear. Oh yes, you're all jealous. AND I have a link hat. Feel the burn.

Well, this is shaping up to be all sorts of entertaining! Today, just about nothing happened. Well, nothing NEW. I'm getting through the homeworks, trying to squeeze in some evil plotting, doing crunches so it hurts my stupid stomach when I laugh, and I'm happy. Plus it's warm out, which makes everything better. But nothing earth shattering shall we say.

hmmm, maybe I should delete all this and make it one of those inspirational ones that aren't directly related to experiences.

What do you think?

Oh wait, that's not really going to work. I guess I'm on my own in this decision. Grrr. Apparently my blog muse is on vacation today. I really wish she'd tell me her schedule some days. *grumble*

Well, my brain is refusing to even focus anymore, none the less come up with something to say, so I think I shall retire to my evil lair and dream up dastardly wonderful plots. *waves* See you when I have something to say!


  1. I am sorry your toe is broken. That's not pleasant.

    But progress on evil plans is always pleasant. That's got to feel good. :)

  2. yeah, it's slightly.... ouch.

    But progress is good! however slow :)