Tuesday, February 23, 2010


funny pictures of cats with captions
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*cough* ahem, I iz serus now.

What's with the bucket you say? well this weeks blog challenge from my awesome sister from Twisting Line (http://twistingline.blogspot.com/) is to make a bucket list so to speak. or a collection of all those weird things you've all ways wanted to do, but never had the time (is that what a bucket list is? I feel very ignorant now.)

so, in no real order

  • Hurl my shrieking self out of an airplane, with a shoot of course.
  • Successfully convince someone that I am from the CIA, and that I need to take them in for questioning.
  • Play my guitar in a park, and get money in a hat. And not just a few coins :D
  • cut my hair really short, and perhaps dye it red.
  • learn how to make good techno.
  • learn how to make illegal fireworks and/or explosives.
  • learn how to hack into computers.
  • I want to become awesome at fencing. (also, if anyone makes any jokes about this, I'll probably not be amused. I mean the sword kind.)
  • Wear colored contacts and freak people out.
  • Practice writing up-side down, backwards, and up-side down backwards until I can do it almost as good as my normal.
  • Put my hair in a fohawk/mohawk. and when it's decently long too :P
  • go back packing through Europe. And to go to Australia.
  • Get featured on an episode of Threadbanger (http://www.threadbanger.com/)
  • Prank call Brain Regan
wow, I hope nobody from the Government reads my blog.....

uh, so that's it for now. I'll probably add some slightly more sane one's when I'm not up so late *cough*

My other sister's challenge will have to wait till tomorrow, because it requires actually being serious. (she wants us to make plans to get one of the things on our lists done)


So, I promised some book reviews didn't I? I was totally planning on doing one today, but then I looked at the clock that currently reads 11:46 and kinda freaked out.
Oh, I've been up much later, and was able to function too, but I have a carp-load (woah, I think I just came up with a word) of homework to do tomorrow, so I would like to be a bit more alert, ya know?
so, I guess you'll just have to wait till.....hopefully tomorrow *crosses fingers* I really don't know if I'll have time.

Speaking of which..... I was totally awesome and left myself a week to sew a prom dress for a stag-formal dance I'm going to >_<
So that will suck up even more time. W00t w00t! I am so nuts. This week shall be insane! *little wave* see ya later people!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thoughts for a Thursday

Hia! So, seeing as Friday and Saturday are going to be absolute madness (don't worry, good madness. Oh the madness *cackle*. Yes, you should be afraid), I thought I'd give you a mini post to assure you that no, I hadn't died again.

My mom has done another awesome thing. As a family, we are going to the library once a week. *glee*

so, I think I will be doing a few more reviews now.
Only not like I did the redwall one. I think I'll be keeping it less homework-y and formal, ya know? more like 'hey, this is awesome. This is my favorite part. Yo.'

yes, 'Yo' is an official term.

I've already read The Icarus Hunt, by Timothy Zahn, Princess of the Midnight Ball, by Jessica Day George, and The Tale of Desperaux, by Kate DiCamillo

So stay tuned for awesomeness!

And yes I know that in technical terms, this will be posted on Friday. But I don't care! It's still Thursday if I say it is. and I do *sticks tongue out*

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In which I'm a total slacker face, my brain goes on strike, and my nose rebels

Ok! So you now how I haven't posted in over a week..... >_<
crap. I never was very good at coming up with excuses. Um, my imaginary friend ate my posts.... *nods* yeah, that'll work.

Oh who am I kidding, I was a total slacker face. Grrr, and I had funny stories to tell. Why did I take an un-planned hiatus, you ask. I have no idea. *gumble*

Well, I wasn't a total slacker (just close), seeing as I just came down with the head cold of the decade. I think my nose got in a fight with the rest of my face, and it lost. So as revenge, it decided to go stage a mutiny, and overthrow my life. Perfect time for my brain to take a vacation. Come on! My brain is the one who keeps everything in line. yeah, I have no idea where I was going with this....

Anyway, with my brain wrapped in a thick fog due to this clogging of my sinuses, I couldn't really blog. but I've only had this cold for about three days. Where did the rest of the time go?

Gah! I hate being a lump of laziness. Maybe it's the winter blues hitting again.

Well no more! I am back, and I plan on staying. So there!

Wow, ok that little explanation took way longer than it was supposed to. If you made it through that with out dying from the sheer randomness, I applaud.

Onto more important things.

First, my evil camera of evilness has hatched a new evil plan. Instead of just dying, it won't stay charged, and is deleteing pictures all by its self. For instance, I got an awesome picture of me in a fedora looking all cool. And the stupid thing deleted it before I could upload it to my computer. and that's not the only one it did it to, so I didn't just accidentally delete it myself.

And what does this mean for you? No more Crafty-time Tuesdays for while. Telling you about all my projects isn't nearly the same thing as showing you :-/.
Never fear! I am keeping a list of all the projects I finish between now and when I cough up enough cash for a new camera, and will show you all of them.

There won't be many though, seeing as my sewing machine is working on throwing in the towel as well. It keeps tearing holes in my fabric, and is being a general pain in the neck. *sticks tongue out*

So, I shall probably doing more writing stuff on here, with a healthy dose of what ever randomness is currently in my head. *nods*

so yeah! I'm back. Still sick, but at least my brain is semi-functioning.

see you when I actually have something to say!


Monday, February 8, 2010

ANOTHER award, and a were-platypus

ahem, I am composed. HA!

Tehe, anyway. Jenica704 over at http://momentsofgenius704.blogspot.com gave me this awesome Sunshine Award

Here are the rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog or within the post.
2. Pass the award onto 12 bloggers.
3. Link the nominees within your post.
4. Let the nominees know they have received the award by posting on their blogs.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

Alrighty! 12 people to give this too (not in any order)...
1. Thought @ http://twistingline.blogspot.com/
2. Um, so she doesn't exactly have a name she posts under, but my sister! @ http://homebakedweb.objectivecompany.com/
3. Creative A @ http://headdeskforwriters.blogspot.com/
4. Stef @ http://52weeksofwordage.blogspot.com/
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7. Angela @ http://thebookshelfmuse.blogspot.com/
8. Suzette Saxton @ http://suzettesaxton.blogspot.com/
9. Bethany Wiggins @ http://suzettesaxton.blogspot.com/
10. Deidra @ http://reflectreviewrespond.blogspot.com/
11. Jenica704 @ http://momentsofgenius704.blogspot.com/
12. Leo @ http://leofair.blogspot.com/



soooo, my sisters (http://twistingline.blogspot.com/ and http://homebakedweb.objectivecompany.com/) and I are doing a fun little dealibob, where we issue a challenge, and the other two have to write about it in their blog. It can be anything from telling a funny story, or simpling saying were-platypus.

speaking of which...... that's my challenge this week girls! you must do a post about a were-platypus.

this is the best picture I could find, but feel free to come up with some thing completely new. And be funny!

one of my sisters challenge this week is to write about a cat.

So, they other day I was busily getting ready for the day, when my brother's eyes got really wide, and he pointed past me to the roof. I turned to see what he was going on about, and there stood one of my cats, casually trying to get in the window, from the garage roof, which is really high off the ground, and not to mention icy. So, of course I calmly opened the window to let her in.
In honesty, I freaked out, nearly breaking the window (not the glass part, but the slidey device) when I opened it, and almost dropped the screen as I rushed to get it out. And I lunged out the window, nearly braining myself on the top, and grabbed the cat before she slipped and fell. It was entertaining. And of course she tried to climb right back out once I set her down.

My other sister's challenge is just the word shiny. Which I must confess made me very happy, because I love shiny things. Instead of a story, or what have you, I'm simply going to take picture of everything shiny on my desk :P

Exhibit A is actually lip gloss. It's clear, and it has little flowers in it. It's so cool, I don't actually use it :P

Exhibit B is the collection of those sort of squished marble things. I don't know what they're called :-/

This next one is a duck made out of blown glass, which a friend gave me for Christmas a while ago.

These are the cool, clearish dice that are from my dice collection (yeah, don't ask how that one started. I really don't know)

This is my little collection of broken mirrors.

this, I believe, is obsidian, but I can't be sure. I found it one day, and I'm hardly the rock expert.

and a picture of my awesome pirate feather, just for kicks. (it's one of those that you put in the captain hat ^_^)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Too much of a good thing

too....many....donuts! *feels sick and completely hyper at the same time*
Today I went to my amazing sister-in-law's house (the sister-in-law, not the house. Although that is cool too) and had her amazing homemade donuts. *drool*
so right now I'm bouncing off the walls! WEE!

*cough* anyway. First, before I forget again, I shall tell you about mine and Anne's Amazing Spectacular Adventure.
ok, so we basically had enough sugar to keep us fully awake till 2:30 am. O_o
also, she showed me Doctor Who ^_^
I almost finished my last Christmas present *cough cough*
We watched some more Doctor Who

Also, for todays Writing Friday, I am super excited about.
I don't know if I have mentioned him before, but I have a slightly irritating little brother. Well, recently he's been much less annoying. And so I've been helping him with his short story/novella he's been trying to write. To demonstrate some of the techniques he needs to learn, we are both writing short stories based on these prompts I came up with.

Then I had this awesome idea. If we're both doing it, why not put it here and have everybody do it?! ok, so you're not required to participate, but it would be awesome if anybody did.

The idea is to write a short story that includes four of these items/people/settings/elements as key plot points.

A staff
  • Very old. Dark wood, yeah
  • Strange symbols carved into it
  • it could be magical, or not

  • Musty/dusty. Hardly used
  • Weird books
  • Could be abandoned

Rose bush
  • Enchanted, blooms all year
  • Scent puts a spell on people
  • Could be conscious (like, as if a human were turned into a rose bush)

  • Sarcastic
  • Forgetful
  • He could be from a different world

  • Related to the magic
  • Causing a big problem

So yeah, these are just guidelines. Feel free to change them up, or whatever. I'm going to be posting my short story here for all of you to cringe at, and it'd be cool if even one other person did this.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Craptastic week

OK! So you know how I said my week was going to explode? That was an understatement. This past week has been the worst week I've had in a very long time. It was a week of bad hair days, sleeping through alarms, tripping over stuff, people being jerks at school, etc. But I'll save you from the gritty details.

You know how I said something about a ballroom performance? Well that day I learned that I was going to be 'benched' so to speak. merf.

I took a final. B-. oh joy. It wasn't so great for my beautiful, shiny 4.0

oh geez, I don't even remember any more. It wasn't pretty though :(

This day was a real jewel. I woke up with what I imagine a hangover would feel like. And I fell out of bed and almost brained myself on the wall. Plus ten minutes to get ready. I also got to spend approx. 7 hours with people who don't like me at all, and the feeling is mutual. My bestie who was supposed to be there wasn't.

Crap. I can't remember this one either.

and those were just the highlights.
You know those days where you feel like you get absolutely nothing done, and it would have been better to just stay in bed? That was this week. I am so relieved that it's over. Ugh.
So I'm joining in with Notquiteawake, in saying February is the start of my new year. I'm coming at it with fresh excitement, new ideas, and a general policy of being awesome.

I think I might finally get a handle on this whole 'posting regularly' thing.
and I'm going to do so much crafty, and writing, and creative stuff it shall be awesome.

On the note of awesome things...
My loverly sister introduced me to Doctor Who. And I am in love.
Yeah, I know, a little behind the times, but better late than never. I cannot tell you how awesome it is. Without it, I probably would've rebelled against the totally unfair Universe, which is never pretty.
so yeah, sorry for the bleh post, but I really needed to get that off my chest.