Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In which I'm a total slacker face, my brain goes on strike, and my nose rebels

Ok! So you now how I haven't posted in over a week..... >_<
crap. I never was very good at coming up with excuses. Um, my imaginary friend ate my posts.... *nods* yeah, that'll work.

Oh who am I kidding, I was a total slacker face. Grrr, and I had funny stories to tell. Why did I take an un-planned hiatus, you ask. I have no idea. *gumble*

Well, I wasn't a total slacker (just close), seeing as I just came down with the head cold of the decade. I think my nose got in a fight with the rest of my face, and it lost. So as revenge, it decided to go stage a mutiny, and overthrow my life. Perfect time for my brain to take a vacation. Come on! My brain is the one who keeps everything in line. yeah, I have no idea where I was going with this....

Anyway, with my brain wrapped in a thick fog due to this clogging of my sinuses, I couldn't really blog. but I've only had this cold for about three days. Where did the rest of the time go?

Gah! I hate being a lump of laziness. Maybe it's the winter blues hitting again.

Well no more! I am back, and I plan on staying. So there!

Wow, ok that little explanation took way longer than it was supposed to. If you made it through that with out dying from the sheer randomness, I applaud.

Onto more important things.

First, my evil camera of evilness has hatched a new evil plan. Instead of just dying, it won't stay charged, and is deleteing pictures all by its self. For instance, I got an awesome picture of me in a fedora looking all cool. And the stupid thing deleted it before I could upload it to my computer. and that's not the only one it did it to, so I didn't just accidentally delete it myself.

And what does this mean for you? No more Crafty-time Tuesdays for while. Telling you about all my projects isn't nearly the same thing as showing you :-/.
Never fear! I am keeping a list of all the projects I finish between now and when I cough up enough cash for a new camera, and will show you all of them.

There won't be many though, seeing as my sewing machine is working on throwing in the towel as well. It keeps tearing holes in my fabric, and is being a general pain in the neck. *sticks tongue out*

So, I shall probably doing more writing stuff on here, with a healthy dose of what ever randomness is currently in my head. *nods*

so yeah! I'm back. Still sick, but at least my brain is semi-functioning.

see you when I actually have something to say!



  1. I made it through the sheer randomness and survived!! Lol. Poor you. Hope the head cold goes away soon. I hate foggy brain.

    Stupid camera. Stupid sewing machine. But yay for crafty fun!!

    More writing = good stuff for me to read. What a win/win. =]


  2. This post made me smile. What a perfect description of a cold. Hope you are feeling better!

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  4. Spot-I'm happy to report that I gave that cold a swift kick in the pants :D

    and I hope it's a win/win. I'm always nervous about my writing abilities :P

    Angie-Lol, thanks. And thanks for reading! I always LOVE new followers (I love the old ones too! but you know what I mean)

    Notquiteawake-Glad to be back! Look out blog world, here I come!