Monday, February 8, 2010

ANOTHER award, and a were-platypus

ahem, I am composed. HA!

Tehe, anyway. Jenica704 over at gave me this awesome Sunshine Award

Here are the rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog or within the post.
2. Pass the award onto 12 bloggers.
3. Link the nominees within your post.
4. Let the nominees know they have received the award by posting on their blogs.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

Alrighty! 12 people to give this too (not in any order)...
1. Thought @
2. Um, so she doesn't exactly have a name she posts under, but my sister! @
3. Creative A @
4. Stef @
5. Spot @
6. Juju @
7. Angela @
8. Suzette Saxton @
9. Bethany Wiggins @
10. Deidra @
11. Jenica704 @
12. Leo @



soooo, my sisters ( and and I are doing a fun little dealibob, where we issue a challenge, and the other two have to write about it in their blog. It can be anything from telling a funny story, or simpling saying were-platypus.

speaking of which...... that's my challenge this week girls! you must do a post about a were-platypus.

this is the best picture I could find, but feel free to come up with some thing completely new. And be funny!

one of my sisters challenge this week is to write about a cat.

So, they other day I was busily getting ready for the day, when my brother's eyes got really wide, and he pointed past me to the roof. I turned to see what he was going on about, and there stood one of my cats, casually trying to get in the window, from the garage roof, which is really high off the ground, and not to mention icy. So, of course I calmly opened the window to let her in.
In honesty, I freaked out, nearly breaking the window (not the glass part, but the slidey device) when I opened it, and almost dropped the screen as I rushed to get it out. And I lunged out the window, nearly braining myself on the top, and grabbed the cat before she slipped and fell. It was entertaining. And of course she tried to climb right back out once I set her down.

My other sister's challenge is just the word shiny. Which I must confess made me very happy, because I love shiny things. Instead of a story, or what have you, I'm simply going to take picture of everything shiny on my desk :P

Exhibit A is actually lip gloss. It's clear, and it has little flowers in it. It's so cool, I don't actually use it :P

Exhibit B is the collection of those sort of squished marble things. I don't know what they're called :-/

This next one is a duck made out of blown glass, which a friend gave me for Christmas a while ago.

These are the cool, clearish dice that are from my dice collection (yeah, don't ask how that one started. I really don't know)

This is my little collection of broken mirrors.

this, I believe, is obsidian, but I can't be sure. I found it one day, and I'm hardly the rock expert.

and a picture of my awesome pirate feather, just for kicks. (it's one of those that you put in the captain hat ^_^)


  1. Aww, wow! What an honor! I feel special now :)

    By the way, I love the dice. What a marvelous thing to collect. I've done just about everything but dice, and now I'm wondering if I should start that too...Although I'd think writing is enough of an obsessive hobby.

    Thanks again!

  2. you are special ^_^

    and haha, you should see the random things I collect (like frog figurines. what the?)
    and writing is quite consuming, but who's to say we can't branch out :P

  3. Aw, thanks, love!

    Now, to find 12 people .......

  4. Thanks for the award. You are so sweet! And how do you keep your desk so clean?!?!

    BTW, love the were-platypus. Had me laughing out loud.

  5. Uber-thanks for the award. You are too kind! And your blog is stunning. I love the flower.

  6. Thank you so much for the award! Does it come with a ninja cupcake? Cause I want one of those, too!

    I like your shiny collection, esp the lip gloss! Wish I had some like that. :-)

    I used to collect LOTR stuff, but ran out of room. The ones I have are nicely displayed on my office wall, and Aragorn sits on my printer. :-)

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  8. Belated thank you! I'm not passing it on because I'm afraid I'll forget someone. :/

  9. Holy carp! I'm a slacker!

    Juju-You're welcome! You totally deserve it.

    Bethany-the answer, is simply that I scooted all the junk over when I was taking pictures :P
    In reality, it's a disaster area

    Suzette-Thanks a bunch! I'm glad you like it here ^_^

    Angela- *gasp* how could I forget the cupcakes!? This award totally needs ninja cupcakes.

    you collected LOTR stuff?! That's awesome! *high five*

    Leo-haha, I had that problem too.