Tuesday, February 23, 2010


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*cough* ahem, I iz serus now.

What's with the bucket you say? well this weeks blog challenge from my awesome sister from Twisting Line (http://twistingline.blogspot.com/) is to make a bucket list so to speak. or a collection of all those weird things you've all ways wanted to do, but never had the time (is that what a bucket list is? I feel very ignorant now.)

so, in no real order

  • Hurl my shrieking self out of an airplane, with a shoot of course.
  • Successfully convince someone that I am from the CIA, and that I need to take them in for questioning.
  • Play my guitar in a park, and get money in a hat. And not just a few coins :D
  • cut my hair really short, and perhaps dye it red.
  • learn how to make good techno.
  • learn how to make illegal fireworks and/or explosives.
  • learn how to hack into computers.
  • I want to become awesome at fencing. (also, if anyone makes any jokes about this, I'll probably not be amused. I mean the sword kind.)
  • Wear colored contacts and freak people out.
  • Practice writing up-side down, backwards, and up-side down backwards until I can do it almost as good as my normal.
  • Put my hair in a fohawk/mohawk. and when it's decently long too :P
  • go back packing through Europe. And to go to Australia.
  • Get featured on an episode of Threadbanger (http://www.threadbanger.com/)
  • Prank call Brain Regan
wow, I hope nobody from the Government reads my blog.....

uh, so that's it for now. I'll probably add some slightly more sane one's when I'm not up so late *cough*

My other sister's challenge will have to wait till tomorrow, because it requires actually being serious. (she wants us to make plans to get one of the things on our lists done)


So, I promised some book reviews didn't I? I was totally planning on doing one today, but then I looked at the clock that currently reads 11:46 and kinda freaked out.
Oh, I've been up much later, and was able to function too, but I have a carp-load (woah, I think I just came up with a word) of homework to do tomorrow, so I would like to be a bit more alert, ya know?
so, I guess you'll just have to wait till.....hopefully tomorrow *crosses fingers* I really don't know if I'll have time.

Speaking of which..... I was totally awesome and left myself a week to sew a prom dress for a stag-formal dance I'm going to >_<
So that will suck up even more time. W00t w00t! I am so nuts. This week shall be insane! *little wave* see ya later people!


  1. That is a pretty sweet list! Much more daring than mine. Although I'm old and frail now.

    I hope you share the stories of all the things you do!

  2. Love the list!! A week to sew a prom dress?! You are a crazy busy girl!


  3. Notquiteawake-You old and frail? HA! you rock!

    and stories will definitely come :D

    Spot-Haha, more so than I like to be some times. And the list shall definitely be interesting (don't worry, all funny stories shall show up here :P)