Monday, March 1, 2010

Prom dress, of epicness (and yes I just rhymed. you're jealous of my mad poetry skilz)

*sigh of relief* well, that week was certainly crazy. I won't get into the details of my stupid homework, but I will tell you the other part.

Which was the fact that I sewed a prom dress in two days.

Yes, you heard (read?) right, two days.

You see, previously mentioned stupid homework took up the week until Thursday night. So, I sat down with my fabric choices (we shall get to those later), and got started.

Then, the next day I had off from school (insert hallelujah chorus here), so I spent literally the entire day sewing. The next morning, I finished up, with my mother hemming the bottom (because she insists that formals must be hemmed by hand, and she is so much faster at hand stitching than me)

It. was. madness. I haven't sewn for that long, all at one time before (though Halloween was close).

The best part was the fabric I was working with. Hmm, instead of trying to explain this, let's get some pictures first, shall we? (what? You ask how I dot pictures with my camera broken? Yes, I did somehow manage to strangle these pictures out of it for you guys :D)
(yeah, nothing fun today. Sorry! I'm tired!)

so the bottom part was this awesomely shiny, shimmery midnight blue fabric that I got for no real reason at the fabric store. Unfortunately, I only had 2 yards, which was very hard to get a ball gown out of.

Next, the top part was a scrap piece from one of my mom's old projects. It was about 11 inches tall, and 2 feet wide, and I manage to squeeze a top out of it. It was intense, let me tell you. I was crossing my fingers that I'd have enough the entire time.

So yeah, I designed, and sewed (my inner grammar nazi is twitching. I don't know how to make this correct!) a prom dress in two days.

Wow, ok now we get to why the heck I did this in the first place. So there are these people who put on a stag formal every year, and my friends and I were planning on going. But, I didn't have a dress to wear to this thing, because though our family has had several weddings and proms and what not, my sisters are tall, skinny twigs, which meant I couldn't fit into their dresses without wearing 4 inch heels and a word taken out because it was setting of content watchers (yeah I know, lamesauce). So of course I made my own. And of course I didn't plan enough time to go to the fabric store for more materials. And of course my homework exploded in my face until two days before. I think I'm insane.....

The dance itself was pretty epic. I danced almost all the dances (yes! This was a dance were people actually danced! non of this hanging out business), and I asked for most of them, which is shocking if you could see me around strangers. We totally learned a Pride and Prejudice dance, which I find fantastic in all sorts of ways ^_^

And I totally tripped over a chair into a photo shoot thing, which was pretty much funneh. And a friend and I almost won the twist competition (we so should have! :P)

All in all, it was most fun. and that is what I did this week. Phew! it's over!


  1. So fantastic, and a little bit foxy!

    I very gravely nod in the general direction of your skills sweets,
    and then tackle hug you. Can't wait to see the dress in person Wednesday.
    You up for making one for me in two weeks? No just kidding. Or am I?
    Call me and I'll fill you in ;)

  2. I don't know about your rhyming skills...but I'm in definite awe of your sewing skills!! That's amazing that you made a gorgeous dress out of scrap fabric! And better yet, you designed it yourself! That is sheer talent right there. So impressed.

    The dress was gorgeous, you looked awesome (don't know why you have to hide your face). Glad you had fun and your crazy busy week is over!


  3. Very nice! You're so very talented.

  4. Shiny-You're going to love it! (i hope....)

    Spot-Thanks so much ^_^ that totally made my day.
    oh, and I hide my face for two reasons.
    1)I am not photogenic. I'm either glaring, looking like I'm a zombie, or just dorky
    2)this is the internet, and as a youngin' I'm especially cautious about weird people who could do weird things (if that made sense :P)

    Notquiteawake-Gracious! *squee I got a comment*