Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An odd ramble about evil plans, and a watchamer

For the first order of business, I'd like to explain why I did not post yesterday.
So, at approx. 12:00 I set out on my usual blog stuff (meaning answering comments and then posting) My computer was running slowly, but nothing too bad. I still had time to post, and everything looked cheery.
Then, BAM, my computer or internet or both or something went ka-put and it took somewhere around 30 seconds to select one email, and hit delete.
At that point I cried uncle to the evil whatever-it-was and went to bed.

For the second order of business, I'd like to apologize to everyone who has been waiting for me to reply to comments. I love when you guys comment, and I love replying, and I usually keep up, but this week has been....ishy. So here I am, all caught up as far as I know. Thanks for bearing with me.

And for the third order of business, the actual post! Woo!

So, one day I was playing with my blog settings, like one does when one is procrastinating, and I found that the loverly little html code was having some issues, and not doing what I wanted it to. Naturally, I googled it, and tried various tutorials until I got the gadget to do what it was supposed to do.
It was then I had realized I had spent two hours tutorial hunting and gadget fixing, simply because I didn't know what I was doing. But I enjoyed it once I figured it out! (I bet you all know what's coming next. Ok, actually probably not. Well, you might)
I found a new hobby! I've decided to finally look into html coding watchamer. Woo! (and yes watchamer is a technical term. See? My coding career, with all it's exactness-by-a-single-letter-or-it-gets-messed-up is getting off to a great start)

But, more important than my getting another hobby, is that it got be thinking about my other hobbies, which got me thinking about my BFS list I started a while ago, and I was thinking of how I should revamp that, and maybe do some resolutions....

A trip through my random mind later (and yes I totally went through a debate with myself over ice cream before arriving at this conclusion) I decided to get excited over life again! You see, I depend on the weather for my mood to much. In the winter I mostly drudge along, managing to not die from the homework, and blog. But today (actually two days ago now. I think this post has a conspiracy against it) I decided to just say 'well la to that *sticks tongue out*'
So, I've gotten a plan to get on top of my homeworks here, I'm going to revamp my BFS list, and my plans for it (after I get a breather from the homework :P) and I've finally started working out. You know, sit ups, crunches, push ups, that sort of thing. And with the weather getting warmer I'll be able to start pounding pavement soon.

So over all, life is good over here. Except the sore part, but such is life I suppose :P

I'll prolly talk more about my newly refurbished evil plans some more, but for now, I think that's good (also, I think I've used the () a bit much today, wouldn't you agree?)


  1. Yay for getting excited about life again! I think this winter got everybody down. It was just so long and grey!!


  2. Thats neat that you are interested in HTML coding, I have been interested in that for a long time, and I know enough to get me by now and then. I have quite a few friends who do it, for fun and work. I haven't had time/forget to follow up on it for the past couple years, but it is still a great tool, and I think everyone should learn to use HTML.

  3. Spot-I agree. I think I wouldn't hate winter so, if only it were sunnier :(

    D.Barber-*nods* I'm way excited. I've been thinking about it for a while too, and I always had something else. But no more! I feel so... lame and stupid when I can't fix my blog myself :-/ so that has got change too :D