Friday, March 26, 2010


Apparently the cure for blogger's block is to tell everyone you have it, cause I seem to be cured! Eureka, I am a genius! So what if I discovered this by accident....


while I was feeling all bleh, and bored, and blogger blocked, I randomly found this awesome little note pad. The front has all these different languages on it, and it's just cool. I took it and wrote down all my plans for my BFS list, and my resolutions, and life plans. It was so great to finally get all of it into one spot, instead of floating around in my head and random bits of paper.
This also prompted my second Eureka moment. I seemed (yes, past tense) to have a problem with fitting all my hobbies in. I'd end up doing a lot of one thing, and neglecting the other things. So I came up with a system, and divided them into 7, so I could have one a day for the week. That way I can be sure to get them all (baring the fact that I don't always have free time one some days)
and it's worked so far! I'm super happy about this!

Also, this weeks Blog Challenge of Epicnessishness is a very complicated one, involving drawing and I quote, 'standing at the edge of a cliff looking down
like the world suddenly has no gravity and we're standing on the ceiling'
or some such randomness. It shall take a long time, and in the mean time we will carry on with our challenges, but just not this week.

And, I magically found a picture of a Crafty thing to show you this coming Crafty-time Tuesday!

Bother, and now I'm tired. I had stuff to say!!!


  1. Wow and it was alot to say! Glad that you are having success getting your thoughts organized and hobbies organized. Don't you just love the call of an empty notebook??!


  2. *sigh* ahhh, the call of a fresh notebook....
    Hey, that gives me an idea for a post :D