Thursday, March 18, 2010

You're always after mi lucky charms!!!

Today I practiced 'getting my crazy pants on' again. :D

One of my mom's friends organized a group of peoples to do ice skating today (which was loads of fun)
And I wore my insanely bright green shirt, my slouchy green hat (yeah, I blogged about it, and yeah, I'm to lazy to post the link), and my insanely awesome green socks (see other explanation). I can safely say that I was the most leprechaun-y person I've seen all day. Yay for the day of Irishness!

Also, I kicked something with my busted toe again today. Ouch.

Wow, I'm deteriorating into rambles fast, even for me. Uh, no, more like I started out with rambles. Blah.

This is the week of fighting to get my life back under control, which makes for rather boring blog posts unfortunately. I swear I haven't done anything creative this week, which is rather painful. I must apologize to you awesome people reading this, but I have a reason for da boring ones too.

Cause knowing me, if I stop just for this week, then I'll be that much more likely to get out of the habit of posting everyday, which is not a good idea. I'm so happy I finally got the hang of this posting regularly thing, I don't want to loose it.

Also, I was totally going to do a green themed post, but my brain is currently fried, so la to that. Wow, this is the earliest I've gone to bed in ages! Woo!!!!


  1. *lil wave* I love ya you crazy woman

  2. Kudos for the wearing o'the green!! I love ice skating. =]


  3. Shiny-You bettah

    Spot-St. Patty's Day has got to be one of the best holidays. Green is the most epic color ever.

    And I managed to not fall on my butt ^_^