Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A look inside my mind.

*pokes head in door way* hi guys. so I'm kinda afraid to say this, because I know a friggin' huge load of homework will fall in my lap once I do.

But hey! I've never been one to turn down a challenge.

uh, yeah. So this is the part where I actually say it. *cricket cricket*

Ugh, fine!

I'm going to post every day *wince*

yeah, tempting fate here.

anyway, I'm tired of me always trying to stick to an every other day schedule, that doesn't really work. Because I put it off (not that I don't like blogging!) but I say I'm going to do it tomorrow when I have more time. And I never do. So you get neglected.

So yeah. there's my announcement.

ok, fine I'll give you guys a funny story too.

So, today, I kinda forgot to eat. (yeah, I know it's bad) (also I swear I'm not anorexic, I really just forget)

so, after school got out, I went to the vending machine and got some fritos (because fritos are the best chips ever)

But, while I was getting them out, I slipped and let the swingy door thing slam shut on them, and frito powder was created.

All was normal until I talked to my sister about said powder. Apparently fritos can actually take quite a beating before they powderize.

Which then of course led me to think about my vending machine, and it's awesome strength. Which made me remember the time I let the door go while my arm was in it, and I got an epic bruise, and my hand kinda tingled for a few minutes afterward.

So, the question is, is this all a coincidence? or is there a conspiracy against junk food in school? Because it isn't normal for a vending machine to maim people.

My sister and I totally debated whether or not I was just talentedly (w00t! new word) clumsy, or if I truly did have a mutant vending machine.

and some where around the discussion of the time I managed to break my nose on a wall, I realized, I have totally just spent like ten minutes debating about my school vending machine.

So yes people, this is what take place in my brain daily. Be afraid, be very afraid....

*cough* ok, so tomorrow I'll probably be thinking a bit clearer, and we might even get into some real content (shock! I know)


  1. I think you may just be clumsy. Don't worry, you're in very good company, I'm a world class klutz myself!

    Glad to hear we'll be reading more of you.


  2. WOO! Klutzes unite! (Just don't trip in the process :P)