Thursday, March 4, 2010

A post a day keeps the doctor away

(and the title is totally NOT in reference to Doctor Who, for all you nerds who might have been freaking out right there. It just sounded catching ok!?)

hmmm, so just a quick post tonight, for reasons mostly beyond my control.

you see, I usually plan an hour for blogging stuff (and no, I hardly ever take up that much time. but it is good to plan extra, don't you think?)

well, as I logged into blogger, I couldn't help but notice the fact that I had well over 20 posts waiting for me to read them.

Uh, I guess today was Blogging day or some thing. Any way, this left little time for me to actually post myself.

Then, on one of my last posts to read, I discovered one that I felt deserved a well thought out comment.

So, today shall just be a tiny announcement.

Shiny and Miss! I hereby challenge you to a blog duel!

ahem.... what is a blog duel you ask? well, we have decided to do a marathon, to see who can keep their streak of a post-a-day. And with the weekly challenge (yeah, I still haven't done one of those), things could get interesting fast.

so yeah, that is my post. The funny story (and picture!) shall come tomorrow, and possibly *gasp* some actually interesting thoughts.


  1. Dang you got me all excited about the reference!!!

  2. lol, don't be too intrigued. It's not really a specific reference, but more of an over all theme of the Doctor cracking jokes about making house calls.

    and I had Doctor Who on the mind :P