Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The floor is not my friend

Yeah, you guessed it. I fell asleep again last night. Though in all honesty, it was not on the floor this time. I had good reasons though!
First, it was not a good day for the most part. I messed up an audition for a dance performance, had a really bad hair day, all that jazz. Bah.
Second, dance practice was exhausting. We did the jive for an hour straight, which is a very fast dance. Then we practiced the Samba, which isn't too slow either. Then waltz. You would think that would be good right? A slow one? No. Apparently in our new routine, the girls have to do the splits, which I can't do. Not even close.
Third, I didn't get home until 12:30ish
After school things got a tad better. The whole family went to my cousins house for an epic bonfire. And it was (seriously, it was HUGENORMOUS!)
but they live far away, so I didn't get home till really late, and I smelled like smoke, so I took a shower.

Anyway, enough about yesterday, and me falling asleep.

There are epic things in store today. First, some random funny thoughts, and second some good ol' Crafty-time Tuesday! Then I'm sure some more rambling :P

Todays been pretty boring as far as stuff happening goes. I did homework. Yeah...
BUT! Apparently my funny blogging muse is back from vacation, cause all these hilarious little thoughts keep coming to me. Haha, here are the ones I remember :P

In the pantry we have one of those 72 oz bags of chocolate chips we use for baking. It was almost completely empty, so I just took the bag and ate the small hand full out of it. But I still became very self conscious about my weight when I threw it out. I knew I only had a small amount, but the giant bag made me feel like I ate it all. Out of curiosity, I looked in the cupboard, and found that most of the treat bags were almost gone, but we never threw them out. Curse you family size....

For the next one I'll just tell you what I wrote on my post it note. 'Note to self: Don't answer the phone with 'ello' in a British accent until you know who it is.'
I did that, and it was funny, cause it totally threw the other person off. I could barely keep from laughing till I was off the phone.

Also, I think it should be outlawed to have freshly baked cookies in the house when I'm trying to loose some weight here. I didn't count how many I had >_<
Why does junk food taste so good? I wonder if it's just psychological. Would cauliflower taste good if it was bad for you?

Bother, that's what I get for not writing these down.

*cough* ahem

I've been getting some good writing done lately. Well not technically writing, but whatever. I've been filling out character sheets and coming up with back stories. It's been fascinating. For once in my writing history, I've been more interested in the main male character. The back story that's emerging for him is awesome.
When I'm done with this short story, I'll probably write a lot more about him. Which is weird because I've never exactly finished a novel with a girl main character, and now I want to one with a guy.
Not that I'm biased or something, but writing from the perspective of the opposite gender is hard.

AHHHHHH!!!! ok, so this post was going to be much cooler and longer, but we have another demon post on our hands (and I'd link back to the post where I first explain what I'm talking about, but that would probably make it explode.)
It'll have to suffice to say that the thing has a mind of it's own, and is randomly deleting stuff, and putting in random html code. So if some of the wording in here sounds odd, the transitions from topic to topic are off, or I just sound out of my mind (ok, not that last one. That's totally unrelated) it's because I've had to retype any giving section of this friggin' thing 3 times at least.

So, Crafty-time Tuesday will have a Wednesday edition, and I'll do everything else I was planning on tomorrow as well.
that is if I remember (Post-its! my Hero!)

*runs from demon post before it stabs me*


  1. I don't mind healthy food. To be honest, I do like broccoli and cauliflower. I like spinach too, and any other kind of veggie. (am I weird?)
    I think good food tastes . . . not so good because you know it's good for you, and junk food tastes good possibly because of guilty pleasure. Okay, junk food tastes good anyway, but that’s beside my point. :p Take two normal nights at my home.
    Night A. “Mom, what’s for dinner?”
    “Tofu and greens.”
    “Hm . . . okay.”
    Night B. “Mom, what’s for dinner?”
    “Something good for you.”
    “What? No!! (sputtering and screams)”

  2. Wow. That sounds like one crazy day. I don't think anyone dare scold you.

    Lol, demon posts? That sounds oddly like some of my experiences...like how if I upload pictures after writing text, my text gets reformatted with huge spaces between lines that are impossible to get rid of.

    And lol, the whole talk about healthy/junk good reminds me of a time my mom went on a puree kick; she would basically turn vegetables into mush, and then mix them into breads, spaghetti sauces, soup, taco meat...It was very scary for a while there. You never knew what you were being fed.


  3. LS-No, you're not weird. I like a lot of veggies too, but cauliflower is not one of them. It's true I'm picky about how they're prepared, but hey, as long as I eat them right?
    Hahaha, I love that conversation. It made me laugh. And I think you're right. Haha, something about 'healthy' seems to translate into 'gross' sometimes

    Creative A-Yay! I'm not in trouble :P

    Gar. Blogger can be annoying some times. Hmmm, I think I should get into the habit of typing my posts in word or something, so hopefully I won't have to retype them a bagillion times.

    Lol, oh dear. Taco meat? really? I could possibly maybe see the stuff before that, but taco meat?