Saturday, March 6, 2010

In which I should stop tempting fate

So, you know how I joked that as soon as I said I'd post every day, I'd get a carp load of homework?


That's right, I brought it upon myself.

But that's ok! I think I can get caught up over the weekend here, and be back on track on Monday.

but that means my posts shall be lacking in any actually content :P because I know you all just love to hear the rambles of my sleepy and insane brain all the time.

Also, I figured out that the weather has a direct effect on my level of energy/inspiration. Today we had the first bit of real sunshine in a while, and I could practically float I was so happy and itching to do productive stuff. Yesterday, how ever, when it dumped a blizzard on our heads, I could barely make myself do any homework, non the less extra stuff.

So, I hereby demand sunshine! lots of it! and warmth!

..... either that or I'll move to Texas, where it's nice and toasty warm ^_^


  1. Yay for sunshine. Yay for productivity. Send some my way, won't you? Lol.


  2. haha, I wish I could catch that stuff in a bottle, and save it for a raining day.