Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A bit of catching up

Today will be a catching up of sorts, I believe. For instance, I have received the most epic blog award ever, been tagged, and I have the weekly Blog Challenges of Epicnessishness to do today.

So, first, the awesome award.
I got this beaut from Notquiteawake over at http://realityfaker.blogspot.com
She is so funny, I love her posts. Her snarky sense of humor is just to die for. She almost always has something funny in her posts, and when she doesn't, she has a good reason, and the posts are meaningful (versus always ranting about the lamest things. you won't find that there)

so yeah, the award rule dealio game is to list 6 things that I'm a master of, and then pass this one to 6 people who are masters of friendship.

1. Craziness. Seriously, you'll never find someone hyper-er than me. Don't ask what happens on New Years Eve, when I'm up even later than my usual. I'd have to kill you if you knew.

2. Watching Doctor Who. I bet you'll never find someone who stayed up as late as I did watching it. Ever. and if you some how managed to, that person should be shot, because at that point it'd just be madness+insanity+pie=woah.

3. Eating tacos/burritos. man, those things are good.

4. Sticking my foot in my mouth. I am always tripping over my words.

5. Falling over/general clumsiness. I tripped over my own feet, fell down the stairs, ran into the wall, and broke my nose. Need I say more?

6. Fudging my way through stuff. Seriously. A) that prom dress never should have worked B) I totally slept through a class, and got the highest score on the test afterwards. How?!?!

ok, so 6 people who are masters at friendship......

1. Spot--> http://whatpassesforsaneonacrazyday.blogspot.com/
She is always leaving comments on my insane ramblings. I love getting commenst from everyone, but I always love her's because she always finds something sweet and supportive to say. or funny. funny's good to :P

2. Rebekah--> http://my-life-is-ninja.blogspot.com/
She is my twin from another mother, I swear. We know each other so well, we can have entire conversations by blinking and twitching our eyebrows.

3. Shiny--> http://twistingline.blogspot.com/
She is the best advice giver ever. She keeps the balance of 'i iz srious' and 'HOLY CRAP!! IT'S A SQUIRREL!!!!' advice perfectly.

4. Miss--> http://homebakedweb.objectivecompany.com/
She is a voice of sanity (only when it counts mind you. she can just as hyper as the rest of us nuts) and sweetness when I need it. She balances out my habit of making a desision based on what sounds more like a Star Wars book, and my habit of wanting to punch people's faces in when they do something that's even the slightest bit annoying.

5. Creative A--> http://headdeskforwriters.blogspot.com/
She is the sweatest most sincere person ever. And an amazing writer to boot. Her blog is very professional. Not in a boring way, just that 'ooo, it's shiny' way (yeah, like that made sense :P)

6. and I'm totally cheating here, but
Notquiteawake--> http://realityfaker.blogspot.com/
sorry for breaking the rules, but I just want to give this back, because she rocks like that. And she's a master at friendship, and totally deserves this. (and no I'm not making you do it over again. Just want you to know that I love your friendship ^_^)


So, Rebekah, who was mentioned earlier, tagged me in a game of blog tag.

Um, so I guess I'm supposed to say 7 random things about myself, and then pass it on

1. Uh, I don't like milk. Yeah, weird I know.
Seriously, not even with cookies.

2. I'm still trying to convince people that plaid is a color, so it can be my favorite.

3. I prefer my cookies un-baked. Mmmmmm, salmonella.....

4. I can quote one of Brian Regan's cds from start to finish, 24 tracks.

5. I'm wearing a bumble skirt right now, that I will hopefully get a picture of sometime in the future for here.

6. I'm not a wimpy person. Like, I can take a lot of stuff. But I'm absofriggin'lutely terrified of spiders.

7. I like my hot chocolate warm.

and that leaves the tagging! *cackle* I think I shall be evil and tag everyone that I gave the award to :P



This week, I'll start with the Miss.

Her challenge is to write about your favorite book.

Upon hearing this I immediately started panicking, because there was no way i was going to be able to pick just one, or even just 20. So, in true vader-randomness, I picked the first one that came to mind.

The Enchanted Chocolate Pot, by Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer.

oh man, how I love this book! First, the writing style is unique in the way that it shows the lives of the two main characters. You see, Cecy, is at home, while her cousin Kate is in London, and the book is their letters back and forth. It is masterfully done in this style, and is a joy to read.
It is set in 1800s England, but with the twist that magic exists.
It has such humor in it! Oh it made me laugh. It is truly a great book.

so yeah, that is ONE of many of my favorites.

Shiny's challenge was simply the word Alaska.

So, uh.... Alaska eh? hmmmm.
Oh I know! I could tell you my plans for stowing aboard her luggage and... oh wait, the government might be reading this.

hmmm. Oh I know!

so my sister is going to Alaska for the summer, to earn some extra dough. And in the summer in Alaska, the sun never sets, which would be a dream come true to me. Can you imagine it being light out all the time? having the glorious sun out? If it's one thing I love, it's sunshine.

And then my brain randomly catapulted to traveling.... ok, I guess I'll roll with this.

So, when I get to be an old fogey (meaning collage age) I want to go backpacking through the world. and...... woah, I'm not even going to say what my brain just catapulted to, it's that random. (seriously? where'd the Japanese part come from?)

uh yeah, I think I'm going to call it a night. My brain won't even pay attention anymore. I guess I'll do Shiny's challenge tomorrow....


  1. Thank you so much for my award!! And for tagging me. You rock!

    I love awards and one for friendship is that much more awesome. [=


    PS- and congrats! You totally deserve this award too!

  2. Thanks! I think if you say something nice about me the rules can be broken. That's also a rule. But that one can't be broken.

    Plaid is totally a color.

    And I really want to read that book now.

  3. Spot-You are very welcome! You deserve this one sooo much ^_^

    Notquiteawake-Lol, I'm glad I'm covered (though, come to think of it, even if I wasn't I would still do it :P)

    YES! some one agrees with me! Your awesome score is now at 2000%

  4. Aww! Thank you! This is, like, my second award ever. I laughed at my description--I'm shiny, yay!

    Anyway. Thought this was a fun post in general.


  5. Lol, It is always good to be shiny. I like shiny ^_^

    And thanks!