Thursday, April 1, 2010

The last of the Christmas pressents was finished!

Oh botheration, I'm tired now.
Today, I had dance again. That's enough to be tired right there :P
Today was also one of those days where you can't seem to get what you planned to done. And then people are jerk faces. And you're just sick of being in the house.

And I had like 12 cookies. Nom. Stupid weight loss goal...

Wow, we're already off to a rambling start here :P

today I shall do a Crafty-time Tuesday, which I promised to do yesterday. On Wednesday. Ha, I'm not sure why, but this amuses me.

This is the Christmas present for one of my awesome friends. I FINALLY got it done about two weeks ago and gave it to him, so I'm free to post spoiler pictures now (yeah, it was over two months after Christmas)

I got this idea a while ago from who knows where, and I really wanted to put it on a shirt. My guy friend loves funny tees, so it was a perfect gift for him. I hand-painted the design.

I don't know about you, but I love it :D
I'll prolly make one for me and some other lucky people.

In other news, it was a blizzard today. GAH! Curse you winter!!! I'm so ready for Spring. *sigh* oh well....
What about you? Do you have warmer weather headed your way already, or does it feel like you're stuck in December like me?

And, as you may of guessed, I forgot to write down my ideas from yesterday, and I don't remember any of them :P


  1. Lucky person number one is your best friend? yes? OH! I'm almost done with your bracelet too!!! :D finally!

  2. Lol! Don't you want a hoodie first? :P
    amd yay!!!

  3. That is so cool...I now want one. How did you make it? Also, I have no clue if this is what inspired your particular shirt, but it reminded me a lot of these guys...,typetees/style,tees

    And also, this is my favorite.


  4. Dude! Where do you live! I want an April Blizzard! I live in Philly and it is already 80 degrees and I want to vomit. I'm a cold weather lover and I can't wait for autumn again.

  5. Creative A-I used fabric paint and a paint brush :D
    I love them! and I love that shirt. It rocks majorly

    Sewing Pixie-Are you serious!?! 80 degrees. wow.
    Yeah, I'm a major warm weather lover. Figures don't it?