Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dealings with Trolls

I have some good news and I have some bad news. Good news first? Alrighty :D

It's finally spring here at the north pole the frozen waste land my house! I'm soooo happy ^_^
It's glorious! Seriously, I have a million ideas for craft projects, my short story is coming along nicely, and heck, I even went for a run, which isn't like me.
The sun is amazing.

*groan* and now the bad news.

You know that pesky spring break goblin? Well, turns out he's a very sore loser. To avenge his defeat, he sent his distantly related cousin over to do battle with me, the homework troll. What better irony than to get my creativity, and then not have time to use it? *Grumble*
It's driving me absolutely stark raving mad!
The homework troll is a much more experienced opponent than the spring break goblin. I fear some real strategy must be formed. Though I love LotR, and all things similar, I must put away my swords and bows. It's time to bust out the Uzis and grenades I fear. This is the major league *dangerous eyebrow twitch*
Gah, and now I want some army camo gear. See? See what this awful troll has done? Plenty of ideas, just no time to do them.

In other news that I promise is somehow related, it turns out that I'm a member of the blogisphere mob, and may or may not become the boss of the mafia of the newly conquered Slovakia. (just don't ask. I'm always getting into these odd, but amazing conversations.)

How is this related you may ask? This is a fair warning to the homework troll. I am not to be trifled with. I have friends in high places. I have strings to pull.
And perhaps more pertinent, I have a natural tendency to set things on fire, shoot guns, and make explosions. You have been warned.

Let the battle begin.


  1. ARGH! The homework troll is battling with me too! Time for some FIRE POWER!!!!! We will take this thing O...U...T...

  2. The homework troll. Nice.

    Wait, you took over Slovakia? Tell me more.

  3. That homework troll's got nothing on you!

    I happen to be closely related to the future dictator of Slovakia, and I'm pretty sure he'll put the power of his vast army behind any campaign to free his future slovakian mob boss...



  4. A pyro with hand grenades? That poor, poor troll...:)

  5. Rebekah-Haha, yes! It's going DOWN!!!

    Dominique-No, I didn't. Not yet anyway. You see, Spot's evil genius kid, er I mean well behaved son, hatched a plot to take over Slovakia. And I decided to get on his good side by promising to become head of the mafia/mob, and take over Holland for their diamonds and chocolate.

    Ahhh, the shinanigans of the Blogisphere...

    Spot-Hahaha, SWEET! I knew this career choice would have awesome benefits! :D

    Creative A-At this point, I don't think he stand much of a chance either :P
    His fault though. He started this, and I totally warned him. :D