Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PSA here **UPDATED**

Hey, so Blogger is being a pain in the neck today. it randomly changed my profile, so that I'm following all the blogs I follow with a different user name >_<
I promise I didn't stop following all of you! I'm trying to fix it, but it's being a pain. Please bear with me :(


Yay! So I think I fixed the problem ^_^
And yes, it did involve me logging into my account over 63 times. Proof you guys are awesome o_0


  1. When I logged in today it told me I wasn't following any blogs. I was super miffed. Luckily refreshing the page solved it. I might've had a mental breakdown otherwise. I follow like a hundred blogs.


  2. I haven't logged in since yesterday. Must have missed the problem. *lalalala*

    Good to know we're that awesome though!


  3. Spot-*shudder* I've had that happen before. It scared the crap out of me, cause I follow a lot too.

    Creative A-Yay! I'm hoping that most people missed it, and avoided confusion :D

    And yes, yes you are. All of you ^_^

  4. Nothing happened to me yesterday? Maybe just all of my friends. :)