Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apparently naps induce more weird from me

I've decided it's a really bad idea for me to get less than four hours of sleep. Granted, I did have a nap today (which was funny all by its self), but still. It just messes with your head no matter how long your nap.

Before my nap, I was bored in one of my classes today and doodled a star on my hand. Of course, when I fell asleep it was on that hand. This caused two interesting things. One, I had a faded star stamped onto my face that is still there. And two, I positioned my arms just so that all the blood drained out, kinda like when you hang upside down for too long, but in reverse. So when I woke up an hour later, my arms felt something akin to dead fish. And yes, I did panic just a little bit and rolled over so my dead fish arms draped over my stomach in an odd way that I'm sure looked like I was paralyzed or something. Then I felt the blood come back, which felt something like I was mutating into a were-platypus.
Which somehow made me want to write a story about a platypus who wanted to be a superhero. And then I fell asleep and promptly forgot about that until now. The strangest things your remember when you start rambling about dead fish arms.

And my second piece of evidence is this (haha, that makes me sound like I'm trying to convict myself of something in court. Maybe I have split personality disorder. Or maybe I'm just weird.) Just five minutes ago I was trying to write something down. I don't even know what it was anymore, but I'm sure it was important, and I will greatly regret forgetting tomorrow.
Anyway, I was trying to write the word 'chair', but instead of writing the nice word chair, my brain decided that the random word 'machine' was much better in that sentence. Once I saw this I promptly burst out laughing, and forgot what I was writing.

And the third, and perhaps most convincing piece of evidence is that I was sitting at my brother's house mildly bored and decided this would make a great blog post.

*shakes head at self* I promise to get back into stuff like crafting, writing, actually interesting stories, and you know, if I decide to get really crazy, I might do some actual worth while content or something.

Until then though I'm just trying to get back into the habit of blogging regularly. Also, I will always have really weird and random posts, but I hope to intersperse them with something a little less insane. Well, maybe not less insane exactly, but a type of insane someone won't send me to the asylum for.


  1. A platypus who wants to be a superhero? Sounds like an interesting children's book.

  2. Hahaha, I didn't think of that. That actually sounds kind of interesting. Hmmm. I shall have to keep this in mind if I ever decide to write a children's book :)