Thursday, October 14, 2010

Remind me what I was apologizing for again?

I just spent way too much time procrastinating on some English homework I need to finish by Monday. I was reading blogs. I procrastinated so long I'm pretty sure my eyeballs could fall out any second from staring at the computer screen so long. Yes, I still mutter about why I need glasses.

Also, don't you think slightly really stale cinnamon rolls are the most wonderful things ever? You know as you eat them that you are having more sugary goodness than is strictly awesome for trying to lose weight without actually eating something that is really worth that sacrifice. Plus you have to try to type your blog post with one hand. Which takes a while. (Bwa ha ha ha. Time I actually have right now. Fall break FOR THE WIN!!!)
If you haven't guessed already, my brain to finger filter is not really working

But on to the point that I'm sure the title is hinting at. It's been a bit over a week since I posted last, and as I signed into blogger today, this made me feel guilty again. Not only has it been 10 whole bajillion days since I posted, it's been about 10 bazillion (which is a lot more than 10 bajillion, in case you were wondering) weeks since I've posted regularly, or about interesting things. This made me feel even more guilty, so I read other blogs instead of posting. Which is usually what happens when I post lately. I feel guilty, go read blogs, come back and write an apologetic and probably slightly boring post.

But sometime during a hilarious story about cake I decided to stop feeling bad about it. Because honestly, no matter how hilarious and awesome and inspiring and.... etc. the bloggy world can be, the 'real' world is more important. The homework that has been slightly overwhelming this year is more important. The new awesome friends I have are more important. Getting more than three hours of sleep is more important. And having time to sit for five minutes and let my brain unwind is more important. I don't think I should apologize for that any more.

I'm sure this post is incredibly enjoyable for my readers, because I just told you you aren't at the top of my priority list. But trust me, this is actually good news for you too.

I don't promise any sort of blogging schedule, cause I know I can't stick to one right now, but I do promise that no matter how long I disappear for, I'll make an awesome and worthwhile post, instead of apologizing again and again and again.

Yeah.... so with that I'm going to go eat another cinnamon roll, squint at my computer screen, and mutter things about nonsense.


  1. Oh goodness, thank god you posted what the stale thing was at the end. I was worried this would be a cliffhanger!

    Good for you. Don't apologize. You have stuff to do and I agree that the real world is more important. Without it, what would we have to blog about?

  2. I decided to stop feeling guilty and apologizing as well. It's my life and if I have time to blog about it I will but, if I don't, that's ok too. My readers understand. And yours do too! Blog when you can. We'll be here to read it when you do!

  3. Thanks for the support! I always seem to second guess myself on these sort of things until someone tells me it's ok.
    What do I think someone is going to tell me I'm wrong or something? :P

    Sewing Pixie-Oops! My brain randomly skipped the word 'roll' the first time I guess. Haha, I'll go fix that :P