Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Five signs of a fantasy geek AKA why I don't have a life

Five signs of a fantasy geek

5. You lost count of the fantasy books you've read at about 200

4. You swoon at fantasy TV shows, no matter how corny

3. You check every morning to see if your ears have gone pointy yet

2. Your wedding dress is going to look like this, but in white.

*drools over the awesome*
1. You started taking fencing lessons.

Yes, I started fencing lessons. HOW FRIGGIN' AWESOME IS THAT?!

*cough* I am composed.

Yeah, so it pretty much rocks. I get to learn foil, eppy, and saber. It's a weekly class, and goes for like eight weeks. And if I like it (like that was a question?) I can start weekly lessons for forever.

The first class was Wednesday, and I'm already pretty sure I'm going to pwn at this (k, so I'll probably get my butt kicked more than not, but I can dream right?)

You know what's funny? Usually sports are divided boy/girl cause the boys would kill the girls cause they're typically stronger. But with fencing, it's divided boy/girl cause the girls kick the boys butt. It's because girls naturally use strategy, and guys just want to start hacking. How's that for awesome?

Also, a ton of awesome people have commented that they like my insane "theme"
Thanks guys! That took care of any lingering doubts ^_^
So what's on the forecast for tomorrow's post? I have no idea :D


  1. I don't fence, but my dad's practically addicted to the sport. It's awesome. Have tons of fun. :)


    That being said, I fit all of those qualifications except fencing. I want my wedding dress to look like Christina Ricci's in Penelope, I wish I had pointy ears or fangs- either are acceptable, and I LOVE cheesy anything.

  3. Fencing sounds really cool! I didn't even know you could take classes...hmmm......

  4. LOL. This cracked me up ^_^ I agree that fencing sounds like a blast, and I find it very interesting that girls are naturally better at it than guys!


  5. Dominique-Sweetness! That's so cool that your dad fences.

    Sewing Pixie-*highfives* Fantasy geeks are the coolest people around.

    Also, fangs would be cool too, but I have a bad habit of biting my lip, which I have a feeling wouldn't be fun with fangs. Ouch.

    Notquiteawake-Haha, not many know about it. It's quite the nook :P
    The odd things people learn on my blog :P

    Mandy-Yay! Mission accomplished. I live to serve, or rather to make people smile ^_^

    And yeah. I must confess that I couldn't stop laughing when the instructor told the class that, and all the girls highfived.