Monday, March 14, 2011

Commencing Nonsense Transmission

WARNING: the following post will probably have no logical point to it.

Today I got a 5 hour nap. Isn't that just fantastic? Well, it's fantastic until it's 2 in the morning and you're not even remotely tired. Which is why I'm up writing a probably pretty random confusing blog post.

First off, pretty sure most of you are sitting on the edges of your seats wondering how call-backs for Les Miserables went (well, I can pretend people in the Internet care that much about my life when most of you are probably just waiting for me to inevitably [ha totally spelled that right on the first try] say something stupid to make you laugh like I always do)

I have mixed feelings about call-backs. For one, that day I ended up completely losing my voice and felt like I sounded pretty retarded at auditions. But on the other hand I learned today that I made it into ensemble (which is what I was going for), so I must not have sounded all that bad.

But lemme tell ya, the wait after auditions is soooo much more nerve racking than the auditions themselves. Because you have to sit there for days on end, torturing yourself with high hopes and an almost positive knowledge that you failed miserably. It's quite awful, but yet we theatre people seem to enjoy it for some reason. Now how does that work exactly? Don't ask me. I was never one to understand the way my own brain worked.

So yeah, practices should start this week. Super excited to be involved in a play instead if just watching my friends do it. I'm not sure what it is, but I just love being on the stage. It's my favorite place in the whole school. Something about being there puts my mind at ease, and I'm thrilled to finally feel like I actually belong there.

In other news, breaks have an odd effect on my creativity. You'd think I'd go crazy with all the things I want to do, but no, for some reason all the energy just leaves me and I spend the entire time sitting on my butt eating chocolate and watching episodes of Castle (fantastic TV show btw).

So this week I've gotten just about nothing done whatsoever, and I'm perfectly okay with that for once in my life. I've been running on close to nothing in my tank since before Christmas and i think I deserved a week to do nothing but probably gain some weight and anxiously wait for the cast list to be posted.

How was your week? Were you actually productive unlike a certain someone who should not be allowed to blog after midnight?


  1. 1. Castle is my favorite *still on air* TV show.

    2. When I would audition for plays back in my theater days, I would get so nervous and spend the time between call-backs and cast posting re-doing the auditions in my head and figuring out what I did wrong and what I could do again. It sucks!

  2. Wow, sounds exciting! I know I would be really nervous for results too if I was in your place.

    Good luck with the practices : )