Thursday, January 7, 2010

20 followers, and Miss America

I'd like to thank my family, and my friends *wipes tear from eye* I can't believe I got this award *sobs*

Okay, now that we're done mocking Miss America...

20 followers! AHHHH! I can't believe it! I seriously thought only my friends who are sort of required to read this would ever follow *dance of glee*

So, thank you all!!!! It makes me realllly happy. I love seeing all the little pictures on the side ^_^

hmmm, I feel like I should do something for you or something. Like a contest or something. Oh well. Some day when I'm more awake I might come up with something creative to do to celebrate :-/


  1. Congratz. :)
    I'm one of your followers. I saw you on Nanowrimo and liked the title of your blog, so I thought I'd check it out. I found it was fun and random and silly, just the kind of people I liked, so I followed you and that's my story.

    Keep up the good ol' randomness. :D

  2. Good job! I think you should do a contest and the winner gets one of your shirts. But only tell me about it.

  3. You're welcome!! And I love the new layout!


  4. a la vanille-Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoy the silliness. Oh, and I followed your blog too :D
    and I don't think I could stop being random if I tried :P

    That's not a bad idea. hmmm.
    I know. After I get my Etsy shop up and running, and I hit the next ten after that (if I'm at 27 followers at that point, then I'll wait for 30) then I'll use your idea. 'Cept I'll be forced to tell everyone ;)

    lol, I hope it's less blinding now :P

  5. I saw you on Nanowrimo and had to follow you, too. The blog title just grabbed me in XD

    Though I don't think you are following either of my blogs. *Stares with wide eyes and a straight face in order to look as creepy as possible*

  6. Lol, *hides face behind hands. Peeks through fingers and when you are still there, runs away screaming*

    And I was not aware of you following me, or I would have probably followed back by now. I like your sense of humor and if your blog has it, than I'll follow for sure :D

  7. Hi, It's me... er... geekmonkey101... you know my real name, how do I follow you?

  8. Hey! Nice to see you! Sorry I didn't reply for a while. I've been a little MIA these past three or four days :-/
    Um, I'm not entirely sure for Hotmail users (gmail has it set up quite nicely)
    But I'll figure out! This could be entertaining... :P