Friday, January 8, 2010

My eyes! They burn!!! and cows, plus Fridays

So, I absolutely love bright colors. Especially greens.
But my old blog template was starting to hurt my eyes, with that insane green on the black. Oi. It just started to get to me. So I got a new one ^_^


Some of you may remember that one of my resolutions this year was to eat a lot better. So I have officially cut dairy, almost all sugar, chocolate (in my book, chocolate has its own food group), and as many un-healthy oils as I can avoid. (In case you are wondering, I'm doing this because those foods are not doing kind things to my face *growl*)
The verdict? I feel like a cow.
Today for lunch I had some humus bean stuff, on a wheat tortilla, plus alfalfa sprouts.
There is nothing to have for lunch!!! I don't always get breakfast, so that's not much different, and dinner has mostly meat and potatoes or something.
But a sandwich without cheese? A salad without dressing? Toast without butter? It's nigh on impossible!
What should I do?! I don't know what in the world I can eat.

On to happier news.
On my BFS list I put 'write a novel'. That plus 'regular blogging schedule' means... (and I'll spare your eyes this time :P)

Writing Fridays!

I'm going to use Gail Carson Levine's book called "Writing Magic:Creating Stories that Fly" (which I got for Christmas ^_^)

There are about a million bajillion exercises in the book, and I'm going to try to do two every week and *gulp* post them here. *cringe*
Did I really just commit to that? I'll probably scare all my followers away with my awful prose >_<

Anyway, number one.

Take one of the beginnings listed and write a story with it. Write for at least twenty minutes.

I chose "I have one green eye and one brown eye. The green eye sees truth, but the brown one sees much, much more."

When I was just a baby, my parents held a big celebration for my christening. They sent several evil fairies 'You're not invited' cards, just in case. I couldn't blame them. My second cousin hadn't even had a good fairy show up.
Let me back up here. In my world, all royalty, and some commoners, are assigned a fairy tale. Usually families all have the same tale, and lately our family wasn't having the best of luck with 'Sleeping Beauty.' So my parents logically took every precaution. They took one too many.
They brought me to our local healer, who was known for dabbling in a bit of magic. She gave my parent a few charms to use, but she also put a spell on me for luck.
It worked. Boy, did it work. Twelve evil fairies, and seven good fairies came. It seemed like everything would go better than expected. I sat cooing in my cradle, perfectly happy.
But then something terrible happened. All twelve evil fairies stepped forward to curse me at the same time. They all started chanting and shouting and yelling at the same time. They were each determined to get it right, and were spurred on by the effects of my spell no doubt. I'm told that it was quite a mess and that there was a lot of very powerful magic being thrown around.
Then all off the good fairies came to save me form the evil curse. Their chanting only added to the noise. My parents tried to calm them down, but their voices were lost in the drone.
While all this went on, a storm rolled in. The winds blew and it rained hard, rattling the window panes. With a very powerful gust, the stained glass window exploded with a shower of sparkling shards.
There was a stunned silence, and wind whipped around the room, teasing at people's clothes and wrapping the ladies' hair around their faces. Then I let out a cry that shattered the silence in much the same way the wind had shattered the window.
For in the quiet, the unattended spells had found their target. everything was mixed up. I had hair as red as poisoned apples. I had one green eye, and one brown. I was doomed to spend one hundred years without a wink of sleep. And these things didn't even scratch the surface. Even as a toddler I could see thing others couldn't. I knew when my cousins were lying, for I can see the truth. This is what my green eye shows me.
It was the royal gardener who discovered my abilities at fortune telling. He was watering all the crops by hand, for it hadn't rained in several weeks. In a fit of frustration, he kicked the bucket over and shouted,
"Is it going to be a hundred years before it rains?" Without even looking up from the book I was reading I replied,
"No. It will rain in three and a half days." Of course he scoffed at this, but when it did rain when I said it would, he didn't mock me. And he took the matter to my parents. I can predict the future, but this is only one thing that my brown eye shows me.

bleh. That is my gloriously ugly unedited prose. ugh.

Anyway, happy Friday everyone!

PS-yeah, I know that's only one, but I'm feeling lazy, so deal with it.


  1. so far it looks good to me love!

  2. As salads without dresing go, try using a vinear-based dressing or an olive-oil based dressing. They are a godsend when trying to cut fat and dairy. :)

    And for the record, I thought that story was cute XD

  3. I'm not a big believer in deprivation diets. They are too hard to stick too. Try just moderating what you eat instead.

    As for the story...I thought it was very entertaining and could be developed into something much longer. My only prob was the misspelling of "tail". Should be "tale" but that's just because I'm nit-picky. Other than that, I really enjoyed it! I look forward to reading more of your work!


  4. Rebekah-Thanks!

    Suiiki-hmmmm, never considered other types of dressing. I could eat food that tastes good. This could be my salvation! I mean, thank you ^^;

    Spot-I don't believe in deprivation diets either. But knowing me, if I say I won't eat it, then I'll decrease how much I eat. If I say I'm just cutting back, then I'll never get anywhere. Diet and exercise are the two areas where I have significantly lower will power >_<

    *dies* AHHH! I can't believe I did that! I hate mistakes like that!!! *grumble* well, thats what I get for not running something I wrote in the wee hours of the morning over with a fine toothed comb >_<
    anyway. Thanks muchly! I've been thinking about turning it into a novel, so we'll see :D