Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Concerning the Universe

Yeah, so apparently there is some cosmic conspiracy against my blog.
On Friday I was all set to do Writing Friday, but the time I was going to use to post on my blog, I spent at an unpredicted volley ball game (our team won, by the way.)
Then on Saturday I went to an epic nerd party (more on that later maybe.) Afterwards I was pretty tired, which means any blogging would have been......interesting shall we say.
Sunday homework. and I'll just be honest I was feeling really lazy.
Monday.... I actually don't remember, but there was a reason! A much better one than Sunday's as a matter of fact.
And today the internet went down for like forever! AHHHHH!
All of this plus the demon post that threatens to take over the internet!
so here I am, posting at 12:30 in the morning. I hope your happy Universe.


I only have one thing today. It's an epic hat I made with some loverly yarn I got for Christmas.

I used a free pattern from April Draven (

Um, so yeah.... that's all folks! (lol, this hat makes me want to play Zelda :P)

Sorry for the brief, boring post. I'll post something more exciting tomorrow. Prolly that writing exercise from Friday that never happened.


  1. Maybe the universe saw your big red easy button?! Lol. Well, it sounds like you had fun anyway. The hat is cute. I can't knit. Like at all!

    Still waiting for the writing...


  2. I also like the hat. And I would like to hear about the nerd party please.

  3. Spot-Haha, perhaps. Silly cosmic conspiracies...
    And I think I might be able to do a pretty good writing thingy on Friday. Hopefully you won't be disappointed :P

    Notquiteawake-lol, I just realized how fitting your user name is right now :P

    anyway. I think I'll do a post about the nerdy party soonish, not sure when though.