Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Big Fun Scary list, among other stuff for 2010

So, it being New Years (ok fine, January 3rd) I've made some plans for the next year. But unlike most people, I've not just made resolutions.
You see, resolutions have always bothered me a bit. Some thing about the concept sends the message that everyone will grudgingly stop being bad people. What a way to start off the new year! Yeah, not going for that.
So in addition to my resolutions (I mean, everyone can improve :P) I've made what NaNoers call, a Big Fun Scary list. It's a list of all the cool exciting things I'm planning on doing this year. Much more of pushing myself to exciting new things instead of focusing on all my character flaws.

So without further ado, a few of my resolutions (the ones I need other people to kick me in the pants in order to actually do) and my Big Fun Scary list.

I'm trying to improve my language. I don't use anything really bad, but the other day I slipped up and said something extremely French. So that has got to change.

I'm also going to improve my diet. I'm NOT eating wheat grass or what ever, just less of the bad stuff (as I sit here eating chocolate fondue.... >_<)

The biggie. Exercise. I'm not looking to lose weight per say (it would be nice for sure!) I just want to be the one that yells "SUCKER" over their shoulder to their friend as a rabid squirrel takes them down instead. (and if I'm going to complain about my stupid fat calves, I might as well do something about it *glares in their general direction*)

I want to get on top of my school stuff. I've been just a tad behind for forever now, and it's getting old.

And it would be a good idea to get to bed before 12 am ^^; Hey, being optimistic is a good thing right?
The Big Fun Scary list

I want to open my own Etsy (or other on-line) shop. It has been a dream of mine to sell the stuff I make to people who like it.

I'm going to write a novel. First and Second draft. (if I get through the first draft and start the second, I won't shoot myself if I run into New Years again.)

I'm going to start a regular blogging schedule. Probably two or three times a week or something like that.

I'm going to try really hard to post a crafty something once a week. oi. This could get a little crazy XP.

I will read at least 30 books this year, and I might even do a review or two.

I want to get into a regular schedule for my comics too. That one won't be very often, but regular at least :)

And I want to learn how to ink them, so I'll be less likely to pester my sister with the photoshop and tablet to edit them :D

I also want to learn how to knit finally. I'm pretty ninja at crochet. Time to become a novice at something again :P

I'm going to crochet an afghan by January 1st, 2011 (holy cheezits! is that really next year?! it seems that 2009 was just yesterday!)(.....i promise i didn't do that stupid pun thing on purpose >_<)

Also, I shall learn to cut my own hair. This will prolly wait till later this year, so my hair will be longer. Or it will get bumped into next year. We'll see if I like the length later this year.

I'm also going to learn how to cook more things. This should be humorous. Be prepared for pictures of charcoal that was once a blob of dough :P

And that's it! I know that that's kinda a lot, so I'm going to work on two resolutions and three BFS things at a time (Get on top of school stuff & Exercise, and Write a novel, Regular blogging, & Post craft stuff weekly), so that I don't burn myself out :-/

What are your plans for 2010, this gloriously fresh year?


  1. Wow. Your list makes me want to crawl back in bed. Lol. You've set a lot of great goals for yourself this year. Just don't forget they are supposed to be fun! (You can wait til you're my age to torture yourself with "why didn't I" s!

    Looking forward to seeing the fruit of your efforts! And could you send some ninja crochet skills my way?? I suck badly at it.


  2. I love your scary list idea! I'm totally going to do that. Now I've stolen that idea AND your muffin throwing idea. Instead of just writing my own posts I should just post the links to yours. :)

    I'm looking forward to your book reviews the most I think.

  3. Spot-haha, thanks. And it will be fun! I have never understood how some people can make the most fun and enjoyable things a chore, just because they have so much to fit in :-/


    Notquiteawake-Tehe, thank you. I'm flattered. We'll see if the book reviews come any time in the near future. Getting to the library is hard sometimes :(

  4. Wow! That is quite the list! What is wrong with saying something extremely French?