Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I cannot tell you how many times I've used that for a subject in emails these last few days. I kept trying to stay at least a little bit connected with the world over the holidays, but apparently that is not allowed. I'm still having problems not getting over 30 emails in my inbox every time I log in (ok, I know that for some of you, that is nothing. But for me, that's a whole stinking lot.) But I think I'm back this time, for real. I promise :P

Any ways, Christmas was a jolly old time. My parents spoiled us a ton this year, and I still haven't gotten to play around with all the different presents. Yeah, it was great fun. I think my favorite gifts so far would have to be the socks. From various people, I have received 6 pairs of awesome socks. With most of them to the knee, which just makes them cooler. I love them all, but my most favorite socks would be the green and white striped, thigh high, amazing sauce, ones. ^_^ *pure glee*

I promise that they go up to my thigh. I was just to lazy to change into a skirt for the photo opp.
Ignore my fat calves ^^;

Another of my awesome gifts would be a brand new, 4g, Flash Drive. W00t, w00t!
Because, when your old one looks like this...
A new one is a cause of great rejoicing.
It is very nice, and I love it.
See? It even opens up all coolly. But more importantly, it is not covered in duct tape, holding on to my key chain by a paper clip, and only 1g. ^_^

Some of you may have noticed that I only did 9 days of Christmas. Yeah.....about that. I got behind ok! I had approx. 20 gifts to make in two days (which I did btw.)
So yeah, sorry 'bout that. These unfortunate people shall be first in line for next year's program. ^^;

Speaking of gifts, now that Christmas is over, and therefore most people have opened their gifts, I shall start uploading pictures of all the things I made this year.
Also on this note, I may need a little favor. Some of you may have received your gifts without me getting a picture of them first (*cough cough* Sam and Daniel over at S.A.D. videos http://sadvideos.blogspot.com/) so I may either tackle you with camera in hand the next time I see you, or you could send me a pic with you showing of your awesome (ok, that is yet to be decided) gifts.

PS-My Christmas break did go lots better after that one day. LOADS! :D


  1. Love, love, LOVE the socks!!!! I wish I had friends awesome enough to buy me gigantic socks! hah

    Congrats and many kudo points to you for completing 20 gifts in 2 days. That's an intense and admirable accomplishment.

    Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you!


  2. Since you have mine you can unwrap it and take pictures unless you want pics of it on my head.... but I hate my face so there might be a problem with that.

  3. Stef-Thanks! ^_^
    and I must give all credit to my sister. I've been searching for those for a long time, and she got them :D

    and i shall unveil what those twenty gifts are after they have all been unwrapped (I still need to ship some of them ^^;)

    Revekah-Not to worry. I've already taken pictures of that one on my sis. and I edit out the faces of any one who wishes for it.

  4. I just don't want to kill anybody... *wink, wink*

  5. Revekah-Har har har :P
    Just wait till the real slaughter begins XD

    and to everyone else-No, you are not supposed to understand a word of this little inside joke, so don't hurt your heads over it :D

  6. Glad you had a good Christmas!! Love the socks! Why are stripes so freakin adorable?? But they are.

    Hope you have a wonderful New Years!

  7. yeah, yeah, yeah I have accepted my fate. It's just sad I have to die so young... *tear* but at least it wont be painful! lol

  8. Spot-Thanks. I hope you had a good Christmas too :D
    And I have no idea why stripes are so amazing. I guess we must just accept the fact that they are :P

    Revekah-*rolls eyes* silleh silleh silleh...

  9. Yeah, I do.
    But that won't stop me from mocking you :P

  10. Does that mean you will mock the other half of this for killing me for the rest of .... their life?

  11. Depends on how you much you die, or if you're just in critical condition.

    (nobody should understand this still)