Thursday, December 17, 2009

On a scale of 1 to lol

How much fail, on a scale from 1 to lol, would getting a piece of tissue stuck in one's eye for like a minute, all the while trying not to scream 'it burns', when one was trying to blow one's nose, rate?

The best answer wins. And, uh, the winner gets a prize. Not sure what. Anything from a virtual cookie, to me writing and performing a song. (disclaimer: I choose. Just because you win does not mean you can make me do something)

Yeah, no kidding, this really happened to me. And my eye still hurts. >_<


In other news, food from Peru is reallllllllly weird. There is a Peruvian restaurant nearish my house, and my family went to eat there the other night. Just as an example, there was a dish with steak, eggs, and fried banana. And a dish with sliced hotdogs on frenchfries and salad. Yeah, it was strange. And let me tell you, their soda thing made out of purple corn is down right wrong. It being purple, your brain assumes it's grape. Then when you drink it, you are assaulted by cinnamon, with a bubble gum after taste. And it's sickeningly sweet. Ugh. Not going there again....


Christmas is upon us. It is slightly frightening. I have so much to do to get ready. I was thinking about this, trying not to freak out at the presents alone, when I realized some of my Christmas decorations were still up from last year. Feel free to mock my laziness now. Hey! At least it saves me some time. And I might actually finish the presents, now that decorating is checked off the list.

Hey hey! So I finally got a comic that I drew scanned well enough for da blog. Unfortunately, it's a sad picture. I don't know why I decided to draw Sarah (that particular character's name) all depressed, but a picture of her face like that popped into my head and so I drew it. (She is usually the happy-go-lucky oblivious to life's problems character)
Also, it's in black and white, seeing as the only thing I could use to color it would be paint, and there is no way I'm even going to attempt that one.
Another thing, if any of you are wondering (aka, everyone 'cept me, Anne, and Renee) she has a magical pet Mario star that follows her, and occasionally transforms into other amazing things.
And you'll also notice that she has no feet. That would be because A) I stink (ahhh, no pun intended) at drawing feet and B) that is also the edge of the page, because I didn't think I'd draw her whole body, so when I did decide that, there wasn't enough room.

Alrighty, I think that's all that's on the mind currently. Peace out! Rock on! etc.

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