Friday, December 4, 2009

Nerd-Level 8

So, I think I leveled up on my Nerd Score.

In one of my classes at school, we were making little clay figures with sculpy. (Don't ask, i don't really know why. I think it had something to do with the culture we were studying *shrug*)
After much deliberation, and with the help of a friend, i settled on making nerd smurfs. (If you don't know what a smurf is, look it up on Google, now) so with out further ado, Ben and Janice-
Aren't they amazing?! Ok, so Janice doesn't look like a nerd much. I put big glasses on her as well, but they made it look like she had a uni-brow, so off they came. But she's amazing any way. Okay, now that everyone is officially weirded out, moving on.

This is my cat, Fluffy (don't make fun of his name, he a had a different one, but the nickname fluffy stuck. I promise I didn't mean to name him something that clich├ęd.) Isn't he a cutie? And you'll also notice that he's in our roaster. This Thanksgiving we cooked our turkey in a slow roaster thing, instead of in the oven. The aroma that that thing gave off was amazing. And it drove our cats nuts. They were so sure that they could get to that turkey. They were jumping up on the counters all day.
And of course, we never let them have any turkey. I think he must have been basking in the glory of finally getting to that pot. I also think that little half glare thing he has going on is because he blames me for moving the turkey, now that he's finally gotten to it. Either that, or he's plotting to take over the world, and therefore gain unlimited access to Thanksgiving turkeys. You know what? I bet it's both. Man, my pets are devious. And with an added element of revenge for him, I will laugh very hard if we find cat hairs in our turkey next year, despite the washing the pot got.

You know, I talked about leveling up, but I don't actually have any idea what the levels are for nerds. The shame. So, I could be higher, or lower than that. Can some one tell me? It's actually starting to annoy me, a lot. Darn it all, does my sad lack of knowledge take me down a level? *sigh*

And in other news, I think I need more sleep. Either that or less. I'm not in a happy place. It's between hyper and exhausted, which is just strange. Hmmmmm. I believe this calls for a cookie. *munch munch*

What are you looking at? Oh, you want a cookie to? Too bad! I likes the cookies, and I shall eats them all. *nom nom nom*


  1. I likes the cookies too! And it's the season for sharing...

    I don't know nerd levels but I'm pretty sure you lack of knowledge takes you down a level. Sorry. Your smurfs look like Smurffette and Brainy smurf. (and I didn't have to look that up! I'm so old I used to watch them on TV. When the episodes were new. Lol.)


  2. haha. maybe i'll make you guys some cookies soon. after i get through a final and math homework etc.
    *sigh* i was afraid of that. oh well. maybe i should come up with a scoring system seeing as there doesn't seen to be one around. and i believe that would put me up a level :P
    haha, i've never actually watched a whole episode of smurfs. sad day. i'll have to remedy that. maybe i'll do that along with the cookies.