Friday, December 11, 2009

A Fuzzy Attack, Dragon Kitties, and British Chocolate

TADA!!!!!! The completed NaNo scarf (see and a hat made using this (
AHHHHH! The amazing fuzziness! I love these things and wear them all around the house. And, I have ninja timing. It is now about 3 degrees out. *shiver*
Any way, the coolest part? I might just have enough to make some fingerless gloves! Oh the awesome! Unfortunately, this is my last project for me for a while. Christmas is nearing.

And then I mostly had fun with taking pictures :P

Dragon kitties... Ahhhhh the joys of babysitting. My mom picked up my niece and nephew and brought them home for us to watch. Haha, my nephew gets just as hyper as I do. So through a strange train of events, we've decided that we live in a castle, and all castles have to have a dragon right? So the youngins went in search of a dragon. All they found were cats. Not to be discouraged, our cats are now know as Dragon kitties. Yeah, that was random. Not really sure why I brought it up. Oh well, deal with it.

Ahhhhh the glories of British chocolate. Recently my dad went to London, and along with a few coins, he brought back some chocolate. You can see it pictured here. Well, the wrapper.
So, I tried it. I thought, 'Well, England and America are pretty similar. It's not like Finland or something. The chocolate can't be all that different either.'
So of course it was. I kid you not, that chocolate was like heaven. It was so very creamy, and had just the right hint of that dark chocolate zing. I was planning on stretching it out. Wow. I couldn't help it, I ate it all in just under a minute (not that I was timing myself.)
When I finished the last bite, I desperately searched the cupboards, hoping that he had brought more than one. But alas, it was not so.
My question is, how do the British make chocolate soooooo much better than us Americans? How? We are very similar in many ways, but why do they pass us in chocolate? I just don't understand it. And now, more than ever, I want to take a trip to England, if only to get a life time supply of that heavenly stuff.
The worst part? It's nigh on impossible for me to appreciate even the best American chocolate. What ho! Is this some sort of plot to win my loyalties over? I will resist your schemes to the bitter end!

For all of you who might have been wondering, I really do love England, and I'm not being some sort of racist. Just a joke. DON'T SPEAR ME! AHH! I SWEAR! I WAS KIDDING!!!!!
Oh, and as a slightly unrelated note, does any one here know how to make links in a post? Because just copy and pasting it isn't very, uh, high class per say.


  1. That is the coolest and hippest ninja head wrap I have ever seen!


    I remember reading somewhere that American chocolate uses mostly the same limited ingredients, and European chocolate is more diverse and is made with more creativity and variety. I think there's probably less run of the mill "king sized" bars there, and more bars of just well made chocolate.

    Now I want some chocolate.


  2. yay! ninjas rule, hands down.
    any pirate lovers, sorry. you fail.
    that would explain the difference. Dang smart British....
    and now i want some chocolate too. may have to hand that out along with the cookies....