Friday, December 4, 2009

On the First Day of Christmas...

On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, A partridge in a pear tree.

Todays shout out goes to a very awesome and ninja person named Samantha*
She is one of my best friends (most people fall into that category :P),but she is also more than that. She and i have been friends for about threeish years now, and i can't imagine my life without her. She and i get very hyper, and generally have a ball together. She sings in a professional choir, but still says she isn't that good, which is a lie. She is an AMAZING singer, and she's a very nice and sarcastic person. Okay, i don't think those two things really belong in a sentence together.... Any way, she's kind at heart, but has a cool sense of humor that some might find a little harsh. I love it, and everyone who objects is not cool. So there.
Okay, now that I've gotten off subject just a tad, back to her awesomeness. she is the person who taught me to be who i am, and to not care what people think about me. Okay, so I'm still working on that just a little, but imagine me without her! Eep. She taught me to get my sass on so to speak.
Alright, i think much to her relief, I'm done embarrassing her now. I could go on, but those are the biggest things she done for me, and i don't really want to write an entire novel full of her awesome, which i could :D But i think that would be a bit excessive.

So, now you can choose your gift thingy. Let me know, and I'll get right on it. Love ya, in that best friend way ;)

The Twelve Days of Christmas continue, join the fun!

*Name is changed


  1. True friends are priceless. I love your blog. Thanks for dropping by mine. And give your dear friend a big hug from me.

  2. Thank you! ^_^
    And I love your blog, so I'm happy to hang around.
    I'll pass it on :)

  3. OOOO! Okay I'm telling you on here I wants that hat thingy I can't remember the name of? kk! loves you muches!

  4. hahaha, the beret. oh! that reminds me. i have to post pictures of that!