Tuesday, December 1, 2009

tomorrow's another day...

so after a much needed rant, talking to some encouraging friends, and a good night's sleep (which i really haven't gotten since sometime in october) i feel much, much better. i actually feel kinda embarrassed at the intense emoness of that last post, but if it helped me get in a much better mood, then i'm ok with it.

yesterday was for realizing my mistake. i think the weight of that mistake (i spent at least three hours a day, for thirty days on that "novel") was what made me so angry at myself, mostly for not seeing it sooner.

today is for fixing it. i'm taking a break from writing, making a few christmas gifts, cleaning for once, and generally making a fresh start. then in a while i'll have another go.

and today, i can honestly say i'm pretty pleased with my NaNo experience. sure, i wish i'd seen this earlier and saved myself a few hours of wasted time, but i learned a very important lesson. one that i don't know if i would be able to learn as well any where else. i don't think this would be a good one to learn for say, a school project, or what have you. so i'm glad i did NaNo. and next year, i'll do it right.

and in other good news, i went so far off my intended story line, i think i can rewrite without any problems what so ever. in january though.

wow, i'm actually kinda tempted to edit that last post. it's really emo, and really not like me. but i think i'll keep it, just as a reminder for my future mistakes that it can get really hard, but it gets much better.

in other news.....
i have nine followers! and i've only had this blog for about two months. this fact makes me insanely happy, and i'd like to thank everyone! and thanks for listening to my random emoness ^_^ you guys rock!


  1. Congrats on nine followers already! And sleep does make all the difference, doesn't it? (Speaking of which.. I should go get some!)

    I love your profile pic,is that really your eye?

  2. I love getting new followers- kind of makes me feel guilty for hardly ever posting.

    I've had an emo post or two and felt pretty embarrassed about it afterward, too- no worries. I think it happens to everyone.

  3. ahhhh sleep. 'tis wonderful.
    that really is my eye. i took that picture (and many other lame looking ones. have you ever tried to get a decent picture of your eye? it's not as easy as you'd think :P) after halloween, when i was a fairy, and therefore had epic makeup(ok, so maybe only i think it's epic.)

  4. I think the makeup is epic! And I didn't read the last post yet...but girl you did NaNo and wrote over 50,000 words!! That is an accomplishment!! Be proud. And for sure keep working on it.

    Thanks for stopping by G&H. Mostly w/out the H lately. I may kill her...I post much more frequently on my other blog-

    Again...congrats on the NaNo!!

  5. ^_^ thanks! for the compliments on makeup, NaNo and for the encouragement.

    and thanks for returning the favor. it makes me soooo very happy when people read my blog. i love yours :D

    ooo! i'll drop by your other blog soon. good to see/talk to you!