Wednesday, October 21, 2009


they've arrived. the dreaded plot bunnies. i thought i had a hard time getting my plot figured out before now, but boy was i in for a surprise.
for those of you who don't happen to know what a plot bunny is, let me explain. plot bunny is the name NaNoers have given to the annoying bits of random plot ideas that try to either hijack your plot, until it's a mess of unconnected subplots that don't have much to do with each other, or try to get you to write about a completely different story, distracting from your NaNo as nov. 1st draws ever closer. and as their name would have you think, once there are just a few, they start to breed, and a plot bunny army invades your mind. then the subplots aren't only a mass of confusion, but they become strange mutants that have combined themselves in insane ways. these guys can show up even before october, but for most people, they start making appearances around the second week of october and stay till NaNoWriMo is done. then for some they scatter, leaving you with absolutely no ideas for other novels now that you have the time to think about them. those pesky little buggers......
that being said, what do you think is essential in a story? what ties it all together? help! if you don't, i'll be overun with these guys, and my characters will be lost in a strange and confused world, with no point or actual plot.
oh, and i need a title. i'm drawing a major blank on this one, so any ideas will have a good shot at winning.


  1. you think of a title after you write it, silly!

  2. i know :), but it's nice to have a working title, instead of vaguely referring to it as 'the story i'm working on.' this gets especially confusing when i start to work on more than one at a time.