Wednesday, October 21, 2009

further insanity

when i started my insanity, i had no idea what to write my novel about. now, a little under a week later, i have a pretty good idea of what to this novel is going to be about. it's strange how things work out. i had a lot of help with plot ideas etc from the NaNo forums, but it was mostly my rather random mind.
my novel is fantasy (no surprise coming from me :P) it is about a girl who is a die hard perfectionist and an over the top tom-boy, who has to go with two fellow school mates (one her best friend, and the other her bitter rival), seeing as they're at war and are therefore a bit short handed, to retrieve a dragon egg from the enemy soldiers. as they race across the country, the rivalry gets ever stronger, the solders ever closer, and the stakes ever higher. in a twist of events, the main character (still unnamed, AGGG!) comes in contact with the egg. after all she's been through to get to this point, she begins to wonder, is she truly rescuing it? or enslaving? she must make the choice, and face the consequences.
they're are still an abundance of plot holes that need fixing, so feel free to make some suggestions. who knows, it might end up in a best-seller some day.


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