Tuesday, October 27, 2009

it's dead as a door nail

well, this week has been very crazy. i finally decided on what i wanted to be for halloween. unfortunately this left me a week to make a rather complicated fairy costume, plus the costume that my sister decided on, an elf (meaning cool fantasy, not santa-ish.) also NaNo starts on sunday. plus homework=a very busy week.
so understandably i haven't gotten to posting pictures of past projects. but, in the course of things, i learned that my camera has died :'( i think it's the battery, but the battery is one of those weird ones that you have to order from the store. *sigh* so it's probably going to be somewhere around december when i can actually take pictures to post. *crosses fingers* sorry about that people.
until then i'll just have to tell you all about the NaNo process. and maybe whine about my camera.... :'( i especially wanted to post about my costume. it is going to be so epic i can't even tell you! i'm making the wings and everything. *sigh*
i sit here so very tired, but i don't want to go to sleep. i feel like i should be accomplishing something useful. maybe it's just because i've been running very hard this week. i'm not used to being able to just sit down and do nothing. maybe it'd be a lot better for us if we got used to being able to relax a little. running all the time can't be good for us. perhaps that is one of the biggest flaws of today's culture. we're always rushing around. is all this technology really helping? or does it just distract?
well, i leave you with that random bit of 'wisdom.' g'night! and remind me not to blog after 11. i usually wake up in the morning with a hundred spelling mistakes etc.

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