Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brrrrr, it's cold outside!

haha, it's raining right now. i'm getting all snuffly and my hands are freezing. i don't know how i'm going to survive when the snow gets here :P

well, on to why i really started this post :)
these are pictures of projects i just happened to have on my computer, all ready to load up. lucky you! i'm feeling slightly out of it, so i wasn't going to go take any pictures today. unfortunatly, they're all sideways, and my computer is being a pain, and won't let me turn them. maybe i'll fix that later....

they're pretty self explanatory... the first one is a simple t-shirt recon. i added the bands of white to make it kind of hoodieish looking. i tried to make the neck line a simple swoop neck, but it wasn't working. it was sticking straight out. so i make it a cool looking boxy/cornered neckline, which i actually like better than my original plan
this next one is a shirt i made to go with a skirt that is very similar. i'll put pics of that up later this week hopefully. it is made out of nice and stretchy t-shirt material, and is and overall fun shirt to wear. the looks i get wearing it down the street are just plain entertaining XP
this one here was a shirt i got from one of my guy friends. it was getting holes in it all along the seams. i couldn't fix it for him to wear (making new seams would make it too small for him), so i made it for me. this is a very comfy shirt!

this one was just plain fun to make. all the chaos stitching was a blast! i basically went crazy with it, and it magically turned out :P go figure.
XD don't you just love my mad editing skills? as said earlier, i'm feeling out of it, so i was too lazy to go take a picture of it without my face in it. that left only good ol' paint.
anyhoo. this is a skirt that i made out of the coolest clock print ever! there are clocks, cogs etc. all over it. i might even use it in my halloween costume this year (so excited! halloween is my favorite holliday. it's socially acceptable to play dress up out of doors. not that that hinders me for the rest of the year, but doing it with everyone is a blast.)

this one i think is my favorite of the batch. it's a plushy of the mario death mushroom! woohoo! i made it out of an old bath towelish thingy and some white t-shirt fabric. my amazing sister painted the eyes with fabric paint. *claps*
speeking of her, *waves* you're awesome! just thought i'd remind you again.

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