Monday, November 16, 2009

ahh, that new blog smell

so, as you might of noticed, i got a new template/back ground/what ever you wanna call it. isn't it so shiny? i got it from this wonderful site called pYzam (lol, i think of it as pie-zam! :P)
the stars category alone has 40 different choices. it's pretty epic. want a new look? check it out!
in other news, NaNo is half over, and i'm only about a day's-worth in word count behind (still, i've been trying to catch up for five days *sad face*) i can't believe that i've held with it. i've written 22,068 words right of this second. that's probably triple what i've ever written before. sheesh. that's a lot of words.
the story itself goes ok. i changed some of the timing, so the first half of my NaNo is kinda screwy, but hey, that's what december's for, right?
i'm also having a hard time with the description. it seems dreadfully flat, and i tend not to add much, because i feel it's flat *rolls eyes at one's self*
what makes a scene come alive? what makes you feel like you're right there living it? or even get a picture in your mind of what it looks like, because i can't even manage that too well.


  1. I think it's important to use scenery pieces from places you really have been, that way you can remember much more vivid detail. They don't have to be utterly amazing places, but places that are real and that you can make people feel like are real. If that makes any sense.

  2. my problem is difficult to explain. i mean, for a lot of the story they're in the woods, and i picture the woods very much like the ones i live near, but i can't seem to transfer that to paper. i can describe it like a painting, but i can't seem to pull the reader into the scene.