Sunday, November 29, 2009

a win, a fail, a win, and tassels! also boots.

win: went to craft store to look for yarn that would go with my NaNo scarf. as i searched the shelves, my sister, being the ninja that she is, found the exact yarn! i mean, my mom bought that yarn at least ten years ago! what are the odds that they'd carry it? man, talk about luck.

fail: got home. i was very excited to start work so i rushed to get my crochet hook. i tried futilely for about five minutes to get the knot on the scarf undone, but to no avail. so i got the scissors out and cut just two little stitches out. you know, just to undo it. it was then that i realized that the reason i couldn't get it to come undone was because i was at the bottom >_< i had just ruinated the scarf.

win: after a good ten minutes of freaking out (it took forever, ok!) i decided to try to re-weave it. so, crocheting backwards if that makes any sense. and, i did it! i figured it out, and now no one would be able to tell you anything was wrong. phew!

tassels: somewhere in the time of me freaking out, my sister suggested that i just add tassels to the bottom so no one would see it. i didn't have to use this tactic, but i have decided to add tassels. because they're cool.

oh, and after the trip to the fabric/craft store, we went to get shoes. because my sister and i were in need of some new ones. the verdict, i have really weird feet/body. and fat calves.
shoes don't like me. i have wide feet, and really really high arches. despite this, i did find shoes that fit. the funny part, so did my sister. no, i mean we found the same shoe. we're matching.
then came the boots *glare of doom* i've been searching for boots for a while now, but they all don't fit once i try to pull it up over the giant gelatinous blob that is my calf X(. but, today, i found a pair that fit *trumpet* the funny part? so did my sister. yep, you guessed it. we're matching again *face palm*
i think the shoe manufacturers are in on a conspiracy. the whole fashion world is. they are trying to make me feel inadequate, so that i might not realize the full potential of my ninja powers. ha! i defy them all! my ninjaness shall be know....*sticks tongue out*

annnnnnnnnnnd this is why i should really start getting more sleep.

PS-before i forget to mention it, The Bookshelf Muse is having a pretty sweet contest right now. you should go look *points at links in side bar* -->
that site is really helpful for description, and has helped me get my stupid, contrary characters in line a little bit. for now....

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