Sunday, November 1, 2009

NaNo begins...1714

NaNo started today. wow, it's going to be a heck of a ride. i'm so excited! as the title would make you think, i wrote 1714 words today. only about 48,000 more to go. *jazz hands*
write or die is amazing! beginnings are hard for me, so i used it to get off the ground today. check it out. it is really useful, and not just for NaNo. it would be amazing for homework etc.
i also now have a working title. Echoes of Magic. it's not the most creatively original thing ever, but i like it.
and thanks to a friend of mine i have a name for my main character. her name is Revekkeh.
and today was awesome. in the beginning, i was trying to edit as i went. i got just about no where. then i realized what i was doing (that's where write or die came in.) and then i realized i was worrying about whether or not this was publishable (i think i just made a word, wewt) after i got past that, i realized just how much fun it was to just...write. for no reason other than to have fun and to tell a story. no homework, no deadline (meaning a deadline that the story would have to be finished/sound good/edited by. i'm still going for 50,00 words by the end of nov.) it was very liberating. i rediscovered how much i love writing.
you should try it. try to just write, with or without an outline. don't care if it's publishable. the 11th draft of a story could stink, and still make it to the best sellers list someday. just let your creativity go absolutely insane. if you enjoy it as much as i do, then NaNo may be for you. just try it as an experiment. don't compare your story to any one else's. do it for fun. if you do anything else with this (i.e. see, i have no talent) then i'll have to hunt you down and hit over the head, because that is NOT why i said this. jeez, don't look for exuses to be down on yourself. that is lame. and i don't like things that are lame. *smack*
and above all, tell me about it! if i inspire, i so deserve to give you a pat on the back for being awesome and trying it. (NOTE: i'm not saying i need to read whatever you write, because it's not like my story is going to see human eyes for another three drafts. that is, unless you want to, which i would not mind in the least.)
go be awesome!

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