Friday, November 20, 2009

WORD! i'm caught up ^_^

sooooo, yesterday (at an hour too late to blog about) i finally broke through the red bar of doom! wewt! i am so excited! i was worried that i'd be a day behind until the very last minute, and then have to work my butt off to get across the 50k line before 12:00 midnight on the 30th. *happy dance* in other news, i took another dare. i shall be working a tea party into the novel, at the moment where they are being chased by their enemies XD. i has a silly.
i really should write humor.....
any way. in other news, i am getting random boosts to my self confidence lately. don't know why, but hey, i'll take it. *shrug*
life is good for dork vader. aside from school. i'm more behind than i'd like to be. eek.
anyhoo! seriously, life is good, i'm hyper, and plotting evil should join me! it's fun. and i'll give you cookies* for visiting my virtual evil lair (the real one is too secret to share it's location here)

so yeah, life is being good to me :D

*cookie may or may not actually exist


  1. 31,000! Wow, what a jump!. You're in the zone. Keep on truckin.

  2. i am so happy! i finally broke through!!!!
    thanks for all the support
    it's easier knowing that there is someone who both understands the insanity of all this, and cares if i finish. ^_^