Friday, November 27, 2009

the mad ramblings of a pied-out dork

today was a most excellent thanksgiving.

i slept in deliciously late (which was offset by how late i stayed up to get my word count in >_<)

i ambled down the stairs and watched the Macey's thanksgiving day parade. which was interesting for two reasons. one, it was so boring i almost fell asleep. and two, i also felt an interesting sense of excitement, for watching the parade is the way thanksgiving has always started at my house, and it felt like the day was about to snow ball into an amazing adventure of some sorts. where is the interesting part you say? the fact that it bored me to sleep and got me all excited for the day at the same time. the exact same time. simultaneously. it was an odd sensation, let me tell ya. it made me think about how important family traditions really are. they are the things that tie us together in important ways.

after that, the day did indeed snow ball. there was a turkey to be basted, things to be dusted, tables to be set (yes, our family is big enough to take more than one ginormous dinning room table), etc. the day flew by with all the craziness of preparing. the turkey filled the air with intoxicating scents that tickled your taste buds. the pies were set out, tempting any one who walked by them to take just one taste. the preparation it self was a blast.

then all the crazy in-laws showed up. phew! boy did it get crazy, but that to was a blast (though i will admit that i was relieved when they left and there was a delicious quiet.) that was interesting (two pieces of wisdom in one post? what is the world coming to?) for out of all the cousins, i'm not what you would call popular. i mean, just read my hobby list. i'm a nerd of sorts. a proud nerd, but a nerd non the less. they are on the, well, cheer leading, football side of things. so i usually kind of find an out of the way spot at family gatherings and watch. this time, we all just played together. we told jokes from our favorite comedians, played card games and such. it was very fun, and it made me think about people, and personalities and the like. it's interesting that even the most incompatible people can find at least something they have in common, and have a blast with each other. i came out of this with a greater resolve to not 'brand' people on first contact/sight, and to try harder to find that thing we have in common with the people i already see.

then we ate. it was good. my cousin makes a mean chocolate pie. nom.

after everybody left (meaning the extended family, including all the cousins) i sat in the family room with all my family (close family, mom, dad, and siblings) we all just sat and talked. a lot of my siblings were trying to figure out some computer problem with my dad, and the rest of us put our feet up. don't get me wrong, i'm very interested in computers, but i was too tired to comprehend what was said. so i peacefully crocheted.

and announcing *trumpet sounding* the NaNo scarf.
the NaNo scarf is a very fuzzy, very warm scarf i starting crocheting in the late october/early november. i found that when my characters were giving me fits, or the plot took a nose dive, crocheting would give me something repetitive to do with my hands, somehow helping free my mind up. it helped me relax, and i would just mull ideas over until some inspiration hit me, and i'd be typing again. i don't know how it works, but i'm not complaining. so that is how it got it's name.

ok, so after all the extended family left (yay tangent there....) i sat crocheting my NaNo scarf. and i ran out of yarn/cry. it isn't nearly long enough to actually be called a scarf. so i guess i'll rename it the NaNo half-scarf until i can figure out some magical way to make it longer. it was a good project for NaNo, but i'm sad that i can't wear it. it is long enough to make one of those weird, scarf thingies that just barely go around your neck, and often connect with buttons. those are fine, but they annoy me. so i guess it's back to the drawing board.
the fail that is the scarf:

i would like to end this post with something awesome. so here is a list of things that i am grateful for today.

pie. maybe something more spiritually deep or what not should go on the top of the list, but seriously? can you imagine thanksgiving without pie? *shudders*

family. sure they're a pain in the rear a lot of the time, but they make up for it in their sheer awesome moments. they support you, they have fun with you. and in your turn, you are a pain in the rear for them, and support them, and have fun. it's just a good set up.

friends. they are much like family, but with less pain in the rear, and fewer eye rolls. but then again, they aren't required to stick by you like family is. i'm not sure if this improves their standing or not..... i guess it says something that they stick by you voluntarily. any way, i love all my friends in all their craziness.

being crazy. i love being crazy. you just have so much fun! the whole world is your play ground. and much like on real play grounds, we old people play on them, do childish things, and generally look silly. but it's fun. and i'd rather have fun and look silly, than look cool and be a stuffed up old 'mature' (aka boring) person.

uh.... more pie. yeah. that's good stuff. cookie dough icecream's pretty good too. yumminess.

warm fuzzy feelings. you know those days where it's a saturday or something, so you don't have school. there's snow falling, you have a warm sweater on. you get some hot chocolate and a good book, preferably by a crackling fire. yeah, that's the feeling i'm talking about. the holiday season makes me think of all those days, and that feeling of, mmm, warm. or when you talk to that one friend/family member that you haven't gotten the chance to talk to in a while, that you've missed a lot. ^_^

well, that's it. well no, that's not it. i am grateful for a lot of things. those are just the most important ones that pop into my head on thanksgiving (cept the icecream. not really sure where that came from.)

well, it's kind of late. and i should finish up my word count for the day.

PS-for the record, i consider anytime before you go to bed (even if it's technically after 12 midnight) to be the night of the day before. that really didn't make any sense. uhh....
wake up on thursday=thursday
bedtime at 1:00=still thursday
so this is thursday. not friday, even if the little date thingy says it is. blerg.(note: to any of you who are not familiar with my vocabulary, blerg is a guttural sound that is meant to express frustration.)
PPS-as a sneak peek into the future blog posts, i am going to do something i like to call the 12 days of christmas. i haven't worked out all the ideas and stuff, but i'm going to be doing something cool on everyday dec. 1-12
i think it may involve making my gifts for christmas, and thanking people and other awesome things. it shall be awesome.
PPPS-if i do happen to make gifts, than you'll have to wait till after christmas to hear about them, because people i'd make them for read this blog. talk about spoiler.


  1. One way to finish the scarf is to pick one of two colors that go with it, and add to each end.

    Hope you tummy isn't fighting back today.

  2. ooo, that's a good idea.
    i bet a fuzzy black would go very nicely, and maybe a pink....just maybe. not too big of a pink fan...
    anyway. now that i'm done discussing (more of a monologue really...) yarn colors, how was everybody's thanksgiving? good? i hope so.
    (and my tummy was upset when i went to bed, but it's calmed down now. is your's fighting?)