Tuesday, November 24, 2009

we interupt this NaNo broadcast......

O_O i got to see john schmitt (or however you spell his last name :P) on saturday! woohoo!
i can't believe it! i was about ten feet away or so!

Him doing his famous upside down playing:

the only sad part is i had to leave before it ended, or i might of gotten some of his other funny poses :)

in other exciting news, my camera is not actually dead, yet. i think it's on it's last leg. but, i did manage to get some pictures of my halloween costume in all its awesomeness ^_^
these are some mediocre shots of the skirt. i'll add the full body shots after i edit out my face (paint my good friend....) isn't it just so awesome!? sorry, not trying to brag too much. then again it did take me like five hours on the skirt alone :P
yes, i'm insane

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