Saturday, November 28, 2009

a mini post, and a half decent funny story

so, i have a funny story to tell. ok, well not that funny. it might just give you a slight chuckle.
on thanksgiving, when all the cousins were over, we were playing a game called Curses! heard of it? no? well it's a game where you give people these curse cards (well, you do other stuff too, but this is the important part.) these curse cards are pretty funny. like, one is that whenever someone touches you, you shout 'You're always after me lucky charms!' in a irish accent. funny things like that.
well, i got some pretty amusing curse cards.
1)every time someone claps their hands, you must howl like a wolf.
2)when anyone makes an animal sound, shout a random lunch meat.
3)every time someone says the name of a food, give them a round of applause.
>_< it was an amazing, once in a blue moon coincidence of awesome. an unbreakable circle of curses. i was forced to break one, which contributed to me losing the game. but hey, who's going to continuously do that, for like half an hour or so? sheesh. that would sooooo not be fun.

PS-and i'd like to add, that i am very grateful to my followers! you guys are amazing! :D thanks for listening!


  1. I decided to follow you because "dork vader" is funny as hell.

    Good point about the waning fun level with the curses game.

    There's probably a fine line between someone thinking you are screaming out "OLIVE LOAF!" because you are playing a game, and someone thinking you have turrets syndrome and just do stuff like that.

  2. :D

    haha, the best part is, is that i do things like that without curses, so i don't get weird looks as much. which is both good, because i don't feel like such a loser, and sad, because weird looks are entertaining.

    curses is ninja-awesome, but it does get just a tad old after a while, especially
    if your curses loop XD